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Nitrosgal 2
Nitrosgal 2 58 saniye önce
Tim Burton’s “Wednesday” is amazing!💯
Fritz 73
Fritz 73 Dakika önce
What kinda guy takes photos with another guy like there friends and then bangs his wife behind his back. A lowlife piece of trash!! Could have at least waited till they were officially divorced!!!!
Russell C
Russell C Dakika önce
I guess I don’t understand why this matters. Two consensual adults are in a relationship. 🤷🏼‍♂️ The end.
Marlene Jones
Marlene Jones Dakika önce
If you don't control that lusting beast within it will control you!! I'm so sorry that their spouses have to go through this humiliating disgusting moment!
Ted Graham
Ted Graham Dakika önce
Man blanket has been in so many jokes.
Mitchell Seyna
Mitchell Seyna 2 dakika önce
She should have had a friend record that moment for her, bc hold your arm out during the entire interaction is kind of cringe. Enjoy the moment.
Terry Slota
Terry Slota 2 dakika önce
punk harry and golddigger markle
Daniel McBride
Daniel McBride 2 dakika önce
Does anyone know the song in the background?
Mimi 2 dakika önce
I never did watch them after they got rid of Keke...
JesusJohn3:16 2 dakika önce
Yes the Lord Jesus Christ will bring judgement to them and justice to their spouses. And May the Lord Jesus have mercy on their souls. The work place may accept their behavior, but the Most High GOD will not accept their behavior. He will hold them accountable , on the great day of judgement. The pleasure of sin is just for a short time. Come Lord Jesus Christ.
Shawna B
Shawna B 3 dakika önce
Jamey has had some work done
DONVITO_817 3 dakika önce
Chrissy Stewart
Chrissy Stewart 3 dakika önce
Him and Mr. Clean are two of the most privileged 🗑️ in Hollywood. Keep your hands to yourself.
pat doe
pat doe 3 dakika önce
So glad that you are OK
Grazi 4 dakika önce
What? 😂 Just stop. You’re pathetic. 😂
Jennifer Threatt
Jennifer Threatt 4 dakika önce
They act so smug that I can't ever watch this hour again. They act like the cat that ate the canary. Like they got one over us.
Miles Johnson
Miles Johnson 4 dakika önce
WTF was Ben Affleck thinking? Talk about the one that got away.
Bob smith
Bob smith 4 dakika önce
Adultery. Fire both of them. She sounds like a ho
Aindrias Hirt
Aindrias Hirt 5 dakika önce
"Every woman wants a rip in her jeans..."
Chelsea 5 dakika önce
I understand a love like this. I dropped all drugs for my first love, I feel like that love saved me from addiction. I am so glad he also knew what that happiness felt like. Bless Iman, I hope she is living a happy life, I’m sure she still misses him all the time.
Rosemarie Ramsingh
Rosemarie Ramsingh 5 dakika önce
He will cheat again as will Amy. The issue is inside of them they need therapy to know how to have faithful, committed healthy relationships. Once the luster wears off it will be back to old patterns.
SassyFrass702 5 dakika önce
GMA’s ratings next week are going to be through the roof!!!! 😂🤣🤣🤣 Personally I thought the guy identified as gay. Ooopppps….my bad.
Jordan Rector
Jordan Rector 6 dakika önce
Ole Psycho eyes
Mitch Liam
Mitch Liam 7 dakika önce
The fact that she's crying the entire time is understandable
Christine Idokogi
Christine Idokogi 7 dakika önce
They will not get in trouble because this will be a huge ratings boost for GMA
River 7 dakika önce
Wishing him speedy recovery.
Jen Koe
Jen Koe 8 dakika önce
As a mother this breaks my heart. Kate is evil. Her mental and emotional abuse towards her husband on the show was disgusting it is no wonder their mariage ended. The fact that she has disowned her children who only wanted a relationship with her father and has turned their siblings against them is pure narcissism. Pure evil.
G R EE N S A T S U M A 8 dakika önce
But…. Adele has had plastic surgery and wears makeup so why did she make a thing of a filter changing her face when she does it all the time? She doesn’t look like her natural self anyway?
Matsepo Ramaboli
Matsepo Ramaboli 8 dakika önce
Dots of flirty moments do connect🧐