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This is a channel dedicated purely to gaming! I mostly create content related to the souls series, but i also do play throughs and other games.



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PC Build Link - pcpartpicker.com/user/ChaseTheBro/saved/xzGGcf

Squids575 14 saatler önce
0/10 build. You used lighting spear but didn't wear Solairs Armor.
blackeyedturtle 16 saatler önce
Thank you so much for your videos and this service to the ER community. I really appreciate all the time and effort it takes to produce these videos. I love my Morning Star, it has been one of my favorite weapons in all the Dark Souls games. I especially like how efficient it is against most tunnel and cave enemies. Most skeletal, zombie and undead enemies are resistant to slash and pierce damage, but very weak against strike damage, and against these enemies Morning Star is very effective.
Headless 17 saatler önce
You should try a death build! Mausoleum knight, eclipse shotels, death lightning, if anyone can pull it off it'd be you chase
pinguin 18 saatler önce
quite the strange qst but how do u change bluids so much do u level up new characters each time ?
Alfamaxis 18 saatler önce
Hey Chase, I wanted to ask, what kind of controller do you use?
Scaleless Seath
Scaleless Seath 18 saatler önce
FYI you can tell when a host dies because the 'dust' will always be silver, whereas a summon will be gold even if they had the trick mirror talisman equipped and vice versa.
underourrock 19 saatler önce
Please leave things up on the screen a second or two longer so we can pause. On mobile, having about 3 seconds of screen time makes it easier to find / pause when scrubbing the video. Your videos are well made and very helpful, just a little tricky to actually read things on the screen on a phone.
Ulysses 19 saatler önce
Technically you could use Radahns bow with this build as it is amped by gravity magic.
Interloper 19 saatler önce
Why are you wearing the same armor every single time?
Serk 20 saatler önce
what wonderous physique combo do you use?
O Del
O Del 20 saatler önce
That thing is a menace 😂
DANIEL 21 saatler önce
I can't believe he didn't try Inescapable Frenzy... and instead was trying Shabriri :(
Robert 21 saatler önce
I see you went exclusively heavy infusion, but I think Cold might’ve optimized the magic-damage Ashes of War a bit better on some of those.
DANIEL 23 saatler önce
Scythe yes! Nice!
UnmovedFE 23 saatler önce
Day 7 of asking Chase to try the Miquellan Knight's Sword :D
Danny Linn
Danny Linn Gün önce
Are your invades on NG or NG+? Or does invading not work that way and its based on level?
The Hogfather Invades
The pressure of all time!
Greg Of Rivia
Greg Of Rivia Gün önce
Does the lion claw attack is considered as a jump attack ? Because i wanna use claws talisman with the claymore 🤔
Shleem Gün önce
3:52 chase whimpering audio💀
TheYellow Gün önce
Should have just left when he showed you the way up the tree
DANIEL Gün önce
Dude PLEASE do a Madness build part 2!
Noxxarion Roar
Noxxarion Roar Gün önce
Do you feel Bad Sometimes ? XD
Neo2266 Gün önce
Oh my god that pipe encounter was beautiful XD So unfair
Spiders_ Gün önce
I made a strength wizard just like this! except you pulled it off way better lol
Neo2266 Gün önce
Surprised Trina's Torch isn't in this build
Paradigm Shift
Paradigm Shift Gün önce
I would love if you did another video of this build that incorporates the gravity fans. It can be used to create some really cool combos.
GB 988
GB 988 Gün önce
16:54 - so satisfying to see a rivers of blood spawncamping weeb get their just desserts.
Michael Costa
Michael Costa Gün önce
Try the charged r2 wake up for ur ruins collasal… has a purple crystal that comes out, gotta use tbe meteor spell to pull some poor someone off a ledge 😂
Lemon Gün önce
the first invasion is peak example of someone getting carried and given end game weapons
DANIEL Gün önce
THAT LOOKED SO MUCH FUN OH MY GOD DUDE! Also you're soo good at this! :)
Venom Gün önce
This was so fun to watch! I love how the gravity effects look in the game ! Can’t wait too see what the dlc offers
Treyvone Bolar
Treyvone Bolar Gün önce
Without you and cowboy. Souls games wouldn't have been as easy to get into. Thank you for being you!
ko paxson
ko paxson Gün önce
Idk if I've said this before, but chase' positive attitude is what constantly brings me back. Love the content and your attitude towards things. Keep being you holmes
Sweetness Gün önce
Should have mixed sleep pots And maybe some death blight spells
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown Gün önce
twinbird knight was a cool looking build!
Christopher Miller
Could you please do a consumables/bow build using the jar head and all the different types of buffs, pots, knives and such? If you do this use whatever bow, crossbow or great bow you want same with the consumables. I love your channel, keep up the good work.
Migor Rortis
Migor Rortis Gün önce
Meteoric ore blade is a fav of mine for str int. Absolutely nutty.
7.62 X39
7.62 X39 Gün önce
90% of the comments are st trinas Torch lmao.... i know hes not avoiding it for skill because ive seen him wreck mfs with a broken ss .... i think hes trolling us
ClipsFromTheGame Gün önce
I wish you told us what raptor did honestly but thanks for the showcase!
GuitarNoob101 Gün önce
John Mayer's nightmare.
Spink Prime
Spink Prime Gün önce
When checking the damage of gravity spells, did you compare their damage on a Gravity Staff with a +10 Azur's Staff (for speed) or Carian Regal Scepter?
Harmless Creations of the Greeting Card Industry
Link!! I was wondering how he was doing
Ethan Coberley
Ethan Coberley Gün önce
Chase: I have a “little” preference for the claymore My man’s has sucked the claymore off for every dex build since I started watching him back when he played ds2
Wraggle Gün önce
I like the title of this one gj.
chris biancanello
Kind of ironic ironic Ruin gets killed by the RUIN great sword.
This is weird
This is weird Gün önce
Can't stop watching these invasion vids.
Turbo Geschwindigkeit
Wow there are a lot of int/fth builds in this video.
eldendad Gün önce
Chase is EldenDads hero🎉
Arcadius Gün önce
Summoner class in this game looking crazy!
UtubeH8tr Gün önce
I'm not gonna lie, I thought I was watching herohei for a moment. You voice is so closely similar.