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AMMONYCdotcom is about my detailing travels and the interesting car care issues I encounter. I love teaching the art of detailing and I hope everyone enjoys the episodes! -Larry
Cory Lovely
Cory Lovely 9 saatler önce
literally the only man in the world to spend time protecting a metal work surface lol
YS GAMES 10 saatler önce
Pleace let the game come to ps4 to
Lori n
Lori n 11 saatler önce
uhmeizuhngralphf05 12 saatler önce
Wow oh hell no I stopped watching how many times this guy going to wax the car
Ryan Haugh
Ryan Haugh 13 saatler önce
I still come back to this video from time to time. Do more stuff like this if you can @larry!
Arjun Sabarish
Arjun Sabarish 13 saatler önce
It is unbelievable for me to see a car that bad I would 🤮 if I open that cars door before it was cleaned
Ted Smith
Ted Smith 13 saatler önce
maybe wealth really is messed up when one person can own so much and millions of people have nothing.
Karan shergil
Karan shergil 14 saatler önce
I really like your work brother 🤘🤘
Steve Langsdorf
Steve Langsdorf 14 saatler önce
Dude, nobody should be self conscious about 31 minutes of pure information that is making more knowledgeable about something that helps us to be better at what we do easier. THANK YOU 😁👍
John Smith
John Smith 16 saatler önce
Zed.... not Zee
AdriToon 16 saatler önce
This guy can paint a $3M dollar car meanwhile I'm here with my $100 phone
Halcro 17 saatler önce
Please don't call the thicknesses of the paint and film as "6mm" and "12mm". They're MICRONS.......only a factor of 1/1000 😱
DaOheZone 17 saatler önce
Yooooo!!!! This collection is crazy. I wonder what is the value of his cars?
JOB COACH 17 saatler önce
Fantastic job !
Chloe F
Chloe F 18 saatler önce
By the gods, I’m by far not the cleanest bitch on the block, but I would rather keel over and die than drive a car that dirty,,,,
Johnny Burns
Johnny Burns 18 saatler önce
So what if my owner's manual recommends almost every grade available. Literally everything from straight 30 right through 10W30, 10W40 and 20W50.
Az92 19 saatler önce
Devil Z
Datsun Robertson
Datsun Robertson 19 saatler önce
As my name is Datsun and a 280 was my first car even in the same color this video meant alot to me and brought back many memories
Andrew Manson
Andrew Manson 20 saatler önce
Would love to meet the previous owner of this Porsche...seems like a real genius
forced into google plus
forced into google plus 20 saatler önce
@1:53 , look at the picture on the wall. thank me later lolz
billy bierbuik
billy bierbuik 20 saatler önce
13:25 v10 started in 1995! that is not right in 1990 an 1989 they had v10 engines even v12,s
pumpnprop 20 saatler önce
I have a new yukon sitting in my moms garage that i never ever drive, and have no intentions on driving it again.
DARSHAN SINGH DHILLON Moe 21 saatler önce
can you come to malaysia and detail my lj78 honda civic and t30 nissan x-trail
Issa Knife
Issa Knife 22 saatler önce
5:39 you mean Albanian channel /DRIVE? that explains Albanian eagle flag on your logo, im still cofused lol, anyways great content ❤️
Richard T
Richard T 22 saatler önce
Talk about major OCD...I love it!!-thanks Larry!
Richard T
Richard T 22 saatler önce
Congrats on the new vehicle Larry! Great video as always! One question though, I noticed your not using a wash mitt anymore but a microfiber?
Josh Robertson
Josh Robertson 23 saatler önce
Hey Larry, this has nothing to do with your video but I have been searching TRvid for the past hour now looking for a video to explain the differences between what a car wash+ offers compared to what us detailers offer and have found nothing. I would make like to make a video on the subject myself but I have no experience making videos nor the audience you have. Can you please make a video explaining the difference explaining why we’re different and the reasons we put so much into what we love to do? Also thank you for all your content, you have been my biggest inspiration for what I do and I have learned so much from you. I just want to educate the population world wide as much as we can. Thank you in advance! RADAR US LLC
Andrew Gould
Andrew Gould Gün önce
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uzura5552008 Gün önce
I want to see Bizzarrini only. Need no other cars.
Pigmoon K
Pigmoon K Gün önce
Why would you change a p zero with an Indian owned tyre brand? So what if its Y rated? The qc is in doubt. Get the p zero. Don't drive a Porsche and be stingy.
Preston Gün önce
When are they selling these cars how do I get in touch with her
King Thranduil
King Thranduil Gün önce
Where's the video of that old man with lots of stuff inside his van?
Nathaniel Richardson
Nathaniel Richardson 13 saatler önce
I was looking for that too
MadWhipz Srbija
MadWhipz Srbija Gün önce
If you are not the same mindset as Larry is, don’t get into detailing bussines. You have to do it for the love and where you can express your ocd on something you are passionate about, and not just because of money. Plus those who just do it for profit (85% of them) are just ruining your clearcoat without even knowing anything about its thickness on different body parts... You have to be obsessed with cars and perfectionism to be good at this job, but the best ones are like Larry, those who express their ocd in a way they love. All the best.
Naomi McArthur
Naomi McArthur Gün önce
Love this! I am binge watching everything AMMO NYC. Learning so much and as a car enthusiast as well as a cleaning and esthetic perfectionist I’m loving all your tips, tricks, and techniques!! Can’t wait to use them on my Mustang when it’s out of storage in the spring.
SherleyElise Klue
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S H Gün önce
That last part was a bit of bs we all know it
Cam's Car Detailing
Larry you are such an inspiration. Your passion and willingness to share your knowledge is so humbling and motivating. Not many people would lie down on the floor with a camera while detailing a million dollar car just to teach others. Never change!
Matthew Macdonald
Are you gonna post the video of the van you cleaned for the guy with all the stuff in his van
Mackan D
Mackan D Gün önce
Sooo anticlimax that they never started it........
carey dodds
carey dodds Gün önce
I feel like he's graduated past TRvid. This feels like high-end production with that camera work. I'll give the video 9 out of 10 only because the music is kind of garbage.
mtrs11c Gün önce
Hi Larry, I have a 1996 corvette with black leather seats. The seats are in great condition. She only has 36K miles on her. she's a garage queen. However, I don't think the seats have ever been actually cleaned. I think just a Meguires leather cleaner / conditioner. I'd like to to give them an actual cleaning but I'm worried about using anything strong on them due to the sheer age of the leather and not knowing if leather from the 90's is different from leather seats in todays cars. Any thoughts or advice? GREAT Channel by the way!
liamvg Gün önce
Wasn't all the black in the Bissel steam cleaner the carpet dye?
Doug Webre
Doug Webre Gün önce
Seems like a huge, expensive pain in the ass that will inevitably fail.
mikedez88 Gün önce
How can I get my car detailed by you or someone you recommend ?
Pablo Reis
Pablo Reis Gün önce
Muito Top.
Anthony Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen Gün önce
What year is the vehicle? Its crazy like it has years and years of build up.
Dslumped Gün önce
Wish I found a good place like that here in Houston Texas. Most places here are half ass places that don’t do it right .
Gord C
Gord C Gün önce
Larry....where does one get one of those wheel holders???
Alex Zippel
Alex Zippel Gün önce
Datson not Dartson why do Americans pronounce words like they’re dyslexic
Twisting Terrain
Twisting Terrain Gün önce
I bet his family is so thankful for all your videos. What an incredible journey. Happy to be apart of it for so many years.
Gauravi Dabhilkar
After seeing this car... Me : *grabs a flame thrower*
Neflyte Gün önce
"Low mile........I think he drove it once."
Timothy Gray
Timothy Gray Gün önce
meroo Cars
meroo Cars Gün önce
Perfect 👌🏻 good job awesome
Eloy 559
Eloy 559 Gün önce
Couldn't u have just taken off the cardboard?
David Rasch
David Rasch Gün önce
Buick used to be aa automotive statement until it went CHINESE!
Joseph Gandarillas
My dad has a Mazda RX2 that’s hes held onto for years, it’s an extremely special car to him, it has oxidized paint and he can’t get the oxidation out. Would this be a project you would be willing to take? I’m not sure how to reach out to you! Thanks no matter what :)
Jeff McJeff
Jeff McJeff Gün önce
But could he detail my bike?
Dustin Hansen
Dustin Hansen Gün önce
Between watching this channel and Obsessed Garage I now have OCD.
Adrian Osler
Adrian Osler Gün önce
cool as mclaren dont sell there motorsport cars or indeed trophies i doubt this sold more of a loan
Why is the drive way so thin ???
Zed anide
Zed anide Gün önce
So that's what happens in Forza Edit: I would've just taken the Plymouth Roadrunner
littlejonnywonny Gün önce
Callum Anderson
Callum Anderson Gün önce
I want to see the filled white van
nielsen bek
nielsen bek Gün önce
Oh, man! you have achieved every man's dream. Big respect to Architect, construction, contractor every single person who had been contributing to this project is amazing. you've got lots of good people around. Wish you a bright future ahead. God bless you!
MrOiram46 Gün önce
When it was finally cleaned and put back outside, it’s like a time capsule, wow!
Mr. Park
Mr. Park Gün önce
"if you want perfect go to a body shop" Me: I'll just go visit Chrisfix channel.
Memphis Crook
Memphis Crook Gün önce
Every mans dream
Amilcar Fernandes
Hashir playz 123
Hashir playz 123 Gün önce
Congrats man this must be a huge achievement for you
Element Shield Surface Solutions
Great video, good to see someone other myself who uses the benefits of PPF for invested surfaces. @elementshieldnano
Anthony Blevins
Anthony Blevins Gün önce
Is that a GP in the background
Hashir playz 123
Hashir playz 123 Gün önce
Nice vi- wait what is this guys water Bill???
Chris jt
Chris jt Gün önce
I wouldn't of worried about the bench end of the day its work bench
luke m g
luke m g Gün önce
ooh he missed a bit oh wait my screens dirty :)
stardog 27
stardog 27 Gün önce
All this just so the dealerships car wash runis the paint
ooo ooo
ooo ooo Gün önce
many already knew that it could be done on fridge, phones (its been for years), other furniture. the last part that is new but you didnt do is put ceramic coating on the ppf. it will help with cleaning such as the over splash when you did the floors, now if you get water hits from car work it will be cleaner and easier to clean with.
J. Gibão
J. Gibão Gün önce
The MC12 was designed by Frank Stephenson, not Giugiaro.
secrated Gün önce
yow did he just threw the nail?????? after it was organized by Ammo?? Dafuq man
Electone_Guy Gün önce
Saying the V10 era started in 1995 is not entirely correct. The normally aspirated era started in 1989 and there were V10s on the grid from Honda and Renault along with V8s and V12s from other manufacturers. Eventually, it was decided that ALL engines would be V10s from 1995 onwards until the next formula was implemented.