Late Night with Seth Meyers
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Beloved "Saturday Night Live" personality - and the longest serving anchor on the show's wildly popular "Weekend Update" - Seth Meyers takes over as host of NBC's "Late Night," home to A-list celebrity guests, memorable comedy and the best in musical talent.
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Lordoftheapes79 15 dakika önce
I'd definitely watch "Barak the House". Make it happen.
Rodsuper 1213
Rodsuper 1213 15 dakika önce
Seth Meyers says the truth, Criminal Trump still and always see himself as a hotel business-fake-man who has always been corrupt and a Criminal in what he has done all his life, NEVER NEVER WILL HE BE AN ACTUAL PRESIDENT!!! THIS IS WHY HE NEEDS TO BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE!!!!
Max Soi
Max Soi 15 dakika önce
Some people say Trump isn’t a fat, lazy literate a-hole who hasn’t hit on his daughter a lot publicly and privately
HaRVeY DeNt 16 dakika önce
First time watching Seth Meyers...Not funny at all. I miss Stewart...a lot of these late night shows suck now days. Guess I'm sticking with John Oliver and Bill
Paul Furey
Paul Furey 16 dakika önce
Listening to him makes me want to vomit!
Mundy Morning Report
Mundy Morning Report 17 dakika önce
Why doesn't congress make trump return all the money that he has received at all of his resorts from foreign officials? Clearly they are gifts from foreign leaders similar to gold medalians, pictures, etc. which other presidents have had to give to other fedreal agencies? Just making a motion to do so will have Trump resigning or facing bankruptcy.
Chris Bading
Chris Bading 17 dakika önce
Trump can't do enough to keep the media focused on him only.
The Stuport
The Stuport 18 dakika önce
What I truly dread is The Orange Twinkie getting beaten in 2020...AND....NOT LEAVING because he will call the elections fraudulent.....face it folks, this Clown is never going away.
daverizz 18 dakika önce
Punk Rock (whether she can help, it or not) Lizzy Caplan after meeting President Obama: 凸( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)凸
daverizz 18 dakika önce
Too too funny. And yes, she is awesome.
usaryder74 19 dakika önce
Santannie Smith
Santannie Smith 19 dakika önce
Lauren who is 'you' in your songs? I wanna hear the name of JESUS being shouted out from your soul as a worshiper
I O 19 dakika önce
I don't like him poking fun at physical appearance of the men @11:04 It seems too crude. And yes, those are not flattering photos by any means, we should be better than attacking they way someone looks
KM Zoilus
KM Zoilus 19 dakika önce
Mariska.... So hawt... thicc n juicy! I love her voice too and shes smart. She's great.
mmgringoire2 19 dakika önce
Her Power Anger character looks like an amazon from Xena
SetsuneW 20 dakika önce
"Me! Me! Not Obama! Me!" is the Trump Presidency in a nutshell.
DanielHBuchmann 21 dakika önce
He's such a fucking douchebag. Anyone that still believes anything this clown spouts is a fucking moron.
Adrianne Machina
Adrianne Machina 21 dakika önce
If he’s not involved in Trump businesses, how can he offer to give hotel rooms away or at cost?! 🧐
Pastor Preacher
Pastor Preacher 21 dakika önce
I can't tell them apart. Her and Caitlin McGee.
zookytar 22 dakika önce
I think I'm in like. Who knew Lizzy Kaplan is so cool? Not me
Thomas Schmidt
Thomas Schmidt 23 dakika önce
president Bone Spurs has never taken responsibility for any of his actions....{ a FACT of reality...
nlpnt 24 dakika önce
Anyone else want to see Barack the House for real?
gondiamond 24 dakika önce
Hell yea, welcome back to the 80s
Professor Liberal Avenger
Maga Maggot can violate the Constitution whenever he wants because he is a star.....or was that sexually assault a woman.....
VianneyCreates 26 dakika önce
I'm usually here when video has been up for seconds...this time came on this morning and over 1 million views already? Wow, we missed Seth!!!
arkady714 26 dakika önce
Freedom and majority rule for America. Abolish the Electoral College.
Taryn 28 dakika önce
It seems like he thinks whoever he had appointed for a job he can use them for whatever reason he feels like even if it has nothing to do with their job.Its like he think they're all his PA.I can picture him telling his COF to make sure all the bathrooms are stocked with Charmin tp and not the scratchy Scott kind.
Jack Alcala
Jack Alcala 28 dakika önce
This guy is infatuated with Obama he has to say that he. alone does thing hes lying.
1Tomrider 28 dakika önce
This creature is only ~technically~ human. In every way by which we judge true humanity however, he just doesn't qualify in any way.
Professor Liberal Avenger
The truly amazing thing is that Trump's supporters continue to french kiss trump's giant orange butt. Just how filthy dirty does Maga Maggot have to be before Putin's filthy lying goobers before.........heck, they are as dirty as trump.
Jones Factor
Jones Factor 29 dakika önce
They claim they did research of other sites and physically sent teams to scout those locations, before deciding on Dorale. They probably didn’t do any of that and know someone will eventually ask for evidence they did.
Ian Home
Ian Home 29 dakika önce
Trump says he did the capturing. What an insane moron Trump is. How does he get to be, and stay the President of the United states. 😂 Its just a joke.
SourDoughBill 30 dakika önce
Damn, she's awesome.
Julio Rodriguez
Julio Rodriguez 31 dakika önce
you're in Louisiana dumbass
David MacLeod
David MacLeod 31 dakika önce
Live from the Oval Nursery!
Nic lipscomb
Nic lipscomb 31 dakika önce
He is totally senile ...........this is utterly futile and ridiculous !!!!
Donkey 32 dakika önce
Nice commercial, Er, I mean show.
TVC15 33 dakika önce
And Yea, His Holy Lardship Trump, has been apparently afflicted with 'idiotic narcissism' since childhood. This weirdness shows as excessive self-love and hedonistic activities with little to no empathy for others. Such idiots sound adult-like in later life, yet closer inspection reveals a regular display of childish tantrums, no real interest in others, bragging and making messes for others to clean up. Even adult republican morons (evangelicals) are tiring of this game.
The Cainr
The Cainr 33 dakika önce
Used to be so funny before Trump
Professor Liberal Avenger
Yeah, now Maga Maggot is so filthy dirty it's kind of sickening.
Professor Liberal Avenger
Yeah, now Maga Maggot is so dirty it's sickening.
LordAaronus 33 dakika önce
le creuset also released a series of sushi handling tableware, also called Raw Le creuset
TRaViS DoMiNGueZ 34 dakika önce
This entire administration is just gross. Vile slime
Mike C
Mike C 35 dakika önce
What a fuckwit... and those supporters of his think i's all good because he might get Roe V Wade overturned. When you see evil and say nothing you are evil. State sponsored child abue in America is making church protected paedophiles look good.
S Cox
S Cox 35 dakika önce
Coronation Street?
Rudy Villarreal
Rudy Villarreal 36 dakika önce
Who the hell wants to be in a power ranger movie
Angel Marcano
Angel Marcano 36 dakika önce
The DNC server is at the DNC why they looking in Ukraine for it The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight🤪😂🤪
Steve BG
Steve BG 36 dakika önce
George Washington's plantation was going bankrupt because George was gone for so long fighting the Revolutionary War. Then he got back for a few months after the war and tried to get Mount Vernon profitable but was then recalled to be President for eight more years. Mount Vernon lost money for the rest of his presidency. Our first and probably greatest president: IT SUCKS THAT HE EVEN COMPARES HIMSELF TO WASHINGTON.
Ami Talati
Ami Talati 37 dakika önce
Damn ! Queen of the power rangers. Looking 🔥
Shane Gee
Shane Gee 37 dakika önce
He's mad obsessed with Obama!! Once they throw his ass out The Obama's need a restraint order against this MANIAC ....
Professor Liberal Avenger
Maga Maggot is advertising his business while on the government dime in violation of the Constitution.
Karen Hartrich
Karen Hartrich 38 dakika önce
This would be hysterical if it wasn't so darn sad....love Seth!!
Brandon 38 dakika önce
"The answer we were looking for was Ukraine. We also would have accepted Russia."
Wasmo 39 dakika önce
Ralius 39 dakika önce
"me i did it, me me me, i did it not obama" dude how can you be so pathetic, stupid, ignorant, weak, lame and insecure all at th same time....
RDF1nner 39 dakika önce
This dude is literally advertising his Doral hotel from the Oval office. This fucking piece of trash needs to be removed from office. How can anyone be ok with what he is doing??
Professor Liberal Avenger
He is violating the Constitution by doing so.
thelegend29 39 dakika önce
I don't run "MY" business...... lol YOUR BUSINESS YOU IDIOT
Xeno Phon
Xeno Phon 39 dakika önce
Private corporations should not be allowed to enable world leaders to say and do whatever they like. Presidents talking smack over twitter starting inflaming conflict irl with actual militarized nations is not acceptable. Twitter and all social media platforms should be barred from allowing Government Officials from having accounts.
Bleep Bloop
Bleep Bloop 40 dakika önce
the whole 'diverse' thing is a bunch of bullshit, its an endless hole, you can never be diverse enough to cover every single base, does she have blind or deaf people on the writing team? what about people from mozambique or cambodia?
KerriNature 40 dakika önce
Um I think they have something on Rudy... the way they went to the funeral and stuff, that makes me wonder if they've been babysitting Rudy to keep him quiet and in line..... anything seems possible at this point.
Dumb Baby
Dumb Baby 40 dakika önce
I had this downloaded and my WiFi stopped working so this was my only source of entertainment, so let’s just say I know these jokes off my heart and I’m not even mad about it
Eleni 1979
Eleni 1979 40 dakika önce
"Perfect if you live solo"- and want to remain that way, lmao.
thelegend29 42 dakika önce
omg.... me me me me me me, i did the capturing. How can any of our military respect this man?!?!?? Also calling Mattis most overrated General of all time
Steve Barrios
Steve Barrios 42 dakika önce
Old bone spurs thanks he was in the battlefield when Daddy had his pants down spanking him like the little bit cheese is in military school America deserves better
hassi44 43 dakika önce
Not only did I know this, but I have one hard copy and one digital copy of that absolutely horrible film. Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: The Movie. That said, with a blunt in one hand and Scotch Whiskey in the other, this film morphs mightily into absolute entertainment.
Julio Rodriguez
Julio Rodriguez 44 dakika önce
This trash president is a joke
Joe Arterburn
Joe Arterburn 45 dakika önce
708 russian trolls didn;t like this video.
Toastwig 45 dakika önce
Anyone else a fan of party down?
Noctumus 45 dakika önce
I live in Europe, and I *still* think Trump's violating my personal space whenever I see him on my screen.
Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez 46 dakika önce
I want that Obama standup so bad now...
nayr497 46 dakika önce
Does Mulvaney not have a single friend in his life? I ask, because if he did, they'd tell him to take off those horrible glasses that make him look like a BIGGER scumbag than he reveals when he opens his mouth.
James Frank
James Frank 46 dakika önce
Trump, Rudy, Lev, and Igor: The Combover Crew
William Costigan
William Costigan 47 dakika önce
Ok but I would watch Barack the House.
Maxime Prometheas
Maxime Prometheas 47 dakika önce
I never thought I'd live to see the day when I have to say this, but Hey! Poor Justin Bieber, don't associate him with Republicans! That's like comparing a jay-walker to a mass-murderer...
James Frank
James Frank 47 dakika önce
It did violate law to have Giuliani acting as a representative of the US State Department, it's impersonation of a federal employee, a 3-year federal felony sentence. 18 USC SS 912. Rudy as a federal prosecutor, should have known this.
Iain MacLennan
Iain MacLennan 47 dakika önce
Ah yes, that's the way to counter all the so-called fake news: research from the 'Department of Some People Are Saying'....
Chris Meier
Chris Meier 48 dakika önce
Barack the house :D I would watch that daily :D
Ochicharo 48 dakika önce
tfw you have a towel leash and a mcdonalds bag in ur car rn :|
Leo Barbato
Leo Barbato 49 dakika önce
WackoTrumpo’s advisers should be advising Wacko Trumpo to stop opening himself up to the media, they are sharks and they feast on wacko’s like Wacko, advisers, tell or educate your moron to keep his mouth shut because the media feast on his stupidity..
nayr497 49 dakika önce
Careful, Trump doesn't believe in science. So, he would not be able to prove the size of the airport in Miami. It'll just have to be a mystery. Leave it up to God, he changes the climate when he wants...
KerriNature 49 dakika önce
He doesn't remember because he doesn't really care and considers it old news not worth being factually correct about
James Frank
James Frank 49 dakika önce
Mulvaney is forgetting that funds appropriated by Congress are stated for their intended purposes and usages under law, so any misuse or refusal to use is a federal violation. Regardless of Trump's intent, once they defied Congress, it's an impeachable offense. All the testimony and depositions being gathered for impeachment are great to fill in the details as to why, but the action by Trump was already an abuse of power that could have him removed from office.
Crazy Hondamom
Crazy Hondamom 50 dakika önce
Where is his useless wife? She’s done nothing but hide.
Crazy Hondamom
Crazy Hondamom 34 dakika önce
The Shadow Man waaaaaaaah still standing by the corrupt republicans must be so tiring. You poor thing. You go get melania off her back and ask her where she’s been.
The Shadow Man
The Shadow Man 37 dakika önce
Crazy Hondamom Ask your democRAT congressmen
Crazy Hondamom
Crazy Hondamom 45 dakika önce
The Shadow Man really? Then why do we pay the salary of her aids and her office personnel? She’s good for one thing.
The Shadow Man
The Shadow Man 49 dakika önce
She isn’t obligated to do anything. First Lady is not a job.
Elizabeth R
Elizabeth R 50 dakika önce
"Ancient Italy and the USA have been side by side for thousands of years..."-Trump October 2019
Sweet Tony
Sweet Tony 51 dakika önce
It is because he doesn't know what he is doing so he falls back on what he does know: shifty deals, lying and making fun of his betters. I understand why people voted for him. I really do. But this scumbag is not the answer to your problems any more than a bottle of snake oil will cure your shingles.
miguel panta
miguel panta 51 dakika önce
it's getting grotesque
Fur Ball
Fur Ball 51 dakika önce
“We we, not Obama”. Just like “ I was down at ground zero, I helped the first responders”.
1Tomrider 51 dakika önce
Nice that FDR didn't abandon our allies when we entered the war against the Nazis. tRump wouldn't understand that though. If he'd been alive then and Hitler had let him build a tRump Tower in Berlin, he'd be the same with AH as he is now with his boss, Putin.
Elizabeth Cunicelli
Elizabeth Cunicelli 52 dakika önce
Sure, he is jealous of Obama because Obama is so much more of a man you'll never be in multiple lifetimes.
Eduard Qualls
Eduard Qualls 53 dakika önce
What I don't understand is why there isn't a line of Wharton graduates and their attorneys banging on UPenn's doors demanding their money back. It's obvious to ANYONE who has taken ANY college-entrance exam that Trump is too stupid ever to have passed any of them. With the college-entry scandal, why isn't someone asking how much Trump's parents paid for his high school diploma and his Wharton "degree"? Trump couldn't pass a 5th grade IQ test! But it would be perfect! Perfect! And he has the letter! Kim Jong Un has a Wharton diploma, too! It's perfect!
Stephen Fritz
Stephen Fritz 53 dakika önce
"Some people say" is the 'argumentum ad populum' logical fallacy. It's a tactic used by con men to convince gullible people. Trump uses it a lot.
JackietheStripper 53 dakika önce
Forget Obama, where can I get that top?!
The Shadow Man
The Shadow Man 54 dakika önce
Still chose Trump over dems
Martin Morissette
Martin Morissette 54 dakika önce
Obama has interfere to the Canadian elections and this is completely wrong. Get lost Obama, you and your wife, you has caused us enough griefs.
Hayley S
Hayley S 37 dakika önce
Martin Morissette “you has” haha
Eleni 1979
Eleni 1979 54 dakika önce
Re: trump's statement about the size of Miami airport- by now we all know he has extreme problems figuring out the size of things. This comes as no surprise.
Janae Clarice
Janae Clarice 54 dakika önce
I wonder if she has seen Billy Eichner’s Bones clip
Road house
Road house 56 dakika önce
fucking Junkie
Team Fear
Team Fear 57 dakika önce
This is just cringe, no comedy. Trump is a Billionaire, isn’t even taking a salary as President. Just stop with the narrative he is using his Presidency to further his wealth. If you use your brain and get better writers you can create funny trump jokes, there is a lot of substance.
Daynaluvs Gymnastics
Daynaluvs Gymnastics 58 dakika önce
Give him a participation ribbon already and send him on his way. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Coreen Rafikh5
Coreen Rafikh5 58 dakika önce
This man is the biggest loser ever in the history of the world.he think he is better than everyone shocking he claims he gets more rate in the whole world ass
North Land
North Land 58 dakika önce
seth, I can't tell the difference between your face and a gopher. seriously it's hard
Professor Liberal Avenger
That's OK, Trump supporters can't tell the difference between Trump's lies and the truth.
john burgers
john burgers 59 dakika önce
all those hours of her life wasted on this god awful film
Ryanne C
Ryanne C 59 dakika önce
"I'll say words, and you guys make sentences." Maybe that's the problem. Either way, Trump has to go.