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Evan and Katelyn
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Hi, we're Evan and Katelyn Heling and we make stuff together: resin, woodworking, 3D printing, home makeovers, CAT PROJECTS, sometimes practical stuff, sometimes totally unnecessary but fun stuff.

The reason we started this channel is partly for y'all, but partly for us too. We want to show that making stuff is fun even if you're figuring it out as you go (like we often are). But also, we wanna work together. We're basically each other's favorite person, and being able to do stuff we love with the person we love is pretty much the dream.

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Resin paint-by-numbers
7 aylar önce
Making a 1,000 Wick Candle
11 aylar önce
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Skip to 36:02
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If you don't want to hear the sponsor skip to 6:22
@nathanieltucker3643 19 saatler önce
Reynolds sells bucket openers for those. I would recommend getting one of those, it makes stuff so much easier!
@mamp1313 20 saatler önce
cask of amontillado is my favorite story
@digdug4451 20 saatler önce
Haven't finished the video yet, but depending on what this PC is going to be used for, it seems like a bad idea with off-gassing and such because of the temps the PC could reach.
@dre83mex 20 saatler önce
Y'all should 3d print an "Aztec De*th whisstle" and attach it to the exhaust valve of the pressure pot?
@whoever6458 20 saatler önce
Katelyn, to open those buckets without Evan's help, it might work to set them on the ground or at least on something lower since that would give you more leverage. As someone who is short in a tall family, it's pretty clear to me that sometimes being tall just gives a person more leverage over things that are higher up.
@megantoney7957 20 saatler önce
You could also try to use spray paint.
@CadenzaCantabile 21 saatler önce
I was… so sure the bucket was going to touch the resin and they’d end up in exactly the same position buy bigger 😂
@Wasserliliensee 21 saatler önce
Im very late to this, but I prefer your lamp!
@XAirForce 22 saatler önce
Oh, you built something almost the size of the luggable computer that we used to have to carry around : ) 5:01 I don’t think she believed you😂
@victorramonulloque2704 22 saatler önce
no quiero parecer desubicado , pero esta hermosa la chica♥
@JenniferJadeKerr 22 saatler önce
I'm a mental health therapist and my lunch hour is a sacred time when I decompress (and, well, eat) so I can be in good shape to finish up the day caring for clients. Your videos are a perfect thing to watch while I chill! You've got an enthusiastic new fan! Thank you so much for all you do 🎉
@2blazedinfl 23 saatler önce
No LEDs for the reveal? i was hoping that you did the ocean design. maybe with tiny seashell mix ins. ( and fish, and a seagull blowing in the wind of the fan, and a palm tree on top)
@2blazedinfl Gün önce
"resin with stuff in it" like a bannana, a boot, a ladder, googly eyes, amd Evan
@fredmyers503 Gün önce
Confused working on a computer and no LTT screwdriver ad?
@TheTrulyInsane Gün önce
Needs RGB fans
@jeepspeedracer Gün önce
Silly me thinking they were going to submerge the motherboard and stuff in Resin and make a working computer like Adam savage with the phone.
@WhiteNoxuya Gün önce
what is the white surface you used to make the silicone mold?
cat go brrrrrrrrrrrrrr
@Nerd_Projects Gün önce
Looked cooler with the original transparent panels
@Hydraas Gün önce
The word Evan was looking for was Blacksmith, which is for general metal
@GeorgeDaPro3847 Gün önce
My phone display once came off. I had and idea. Since it is an LCD display I decided to remove the backlight carefully and it turned out cool
@zmogod1823 Gün önce
the chicken needs to stay
@CrochetLover85 Gün önce
this channel is so comforting❤
@aStranger_ Gün önce
I dont love it... in saying that the concept is cool and would look dope in transluscent black!
@onebell Gün önce
at my work place we get buckets of soy sauce, and we have bucket opening tools. I think you can just amazon a cheap one and they work pretty great!
@zakuraRabbit Gün önce
My first thought was encasing the whole PC in resin... sounds like a great plan if you want to turn your PC into a resin brick :p
@JaakuSan Gün önce
With the amount of buckets y'all have to open for your projects I am AMAZED that you haven't invested in a bucket opener yet. It's a super useful tool please save yourself and get one.
@andrewmutavi590 Gün önce
Waifu aint gat nothing on this😍
15:20 , Johnny, jimmy, Sammy, Simon, salmond, Sheldon, those are some names I just thought of
@opaldelao Gün önce
this is the flesh bat of a killer bella
@strangedays2010 Gün önce
The nuggs werent dunked? Lost opportunity 😅
And only 1000 dollars!!!
@stevedinosaur Gün önce
Ive seen some videos online of people using a lighter to melt those tabs first before running the pair of scissors in them. Alot of people who make lip gloss seem to use this method when they open their buckets.
@HylianArtist Gün önce
By the way! There is a tool that makes getting those buckets open WAY easier. I use one all the time while doing scenic painting
@stuff4fun Gün önce
You should buy a bucket opening wrench
@10:00-10:30. GUUUUUURL!! Get yourself a bucket key! Uline has (good quality) orange plastic ones for like $5 if I remember correctly. I promise you, it’s 100% worth it! I used to open those buckets by hand but NEVER again!
@angelbane2677 Gün önce
As the rose becomes a fireball I’m imagining the song Fireball (doo do-doo do-do-doo do-doo do-doo-do) 8:46
@user-ei7yw7dz1n Gün önce
People who haven't watched this video yet watch this first. 6:37 😂😂🤣💀
@dklk734 Gün önce
why not use uv resin to stick it to the bottom after putting the wicks in so it wont be as heavy
@hazies6512 Gün önce
Hope I'm not in the wrong place here but does anybody know if that PC is prebuilt or built? It's beautimas.
@echoghost9er550 Gün önce
So just a heads up for future pours, if u aren't going to seal the buckets after each pour u can cut the slot out and it'll be easier to open or can use a pair or pliers to pry open