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Evan and Katelyn
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Hi, we're Evan and Katelyn Heling and we make stuff together: resin, woodworking, 3D printing, home makeovers, CAT PROJECTS, sometimes practical stuff, sometimes totally unnecessary but fun stuff.

The reason we started this channel is partly for y'all, but partly for us too. We want to show that making stuff is fun even if you're figuring it out as you go (like we often are). But also, we wanna work together. We're basically each other's favorite person, and being able to do stuff we love with the person we love is pretty much the dream.

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Resin paint-by-numbers
2 aylar önce
Making a 1,000 Wick Candle
6 aylar önce
Raynola Dominguez
Raynola Dominguez 8 saatler önce
Kinda cool. Can I ask, how do the pen’s perform, does the ink flow smoothly? Katelyn, keeps looking younger and younger all the time.
PinknBlack Productions
PinknBlack Productions 9 saatler önce
You managed to preserve his ghost at least
Alexandre Melo
Alexandre Melo 9 saatler önce
As a potter, this was hard to watch. It felt like i was watching myself when getting started
Thomas Van Der Veer
Thomas Van Der Veer 9 saatler önce
Since the silicone gloves don't work as gloves, I'll bet you could use them as resin molds... 🤔
PinknBlack Productions
PinknBlack Productions 9 saatler önce
If you do it again, I think your should put the pumpkin in face up so the face is the last bit to fill. Like a cup
Amir Fakhri Badri
Amir Fakhri Badri 9 saatler önce
Wait how can do it the big keyboard by wiring thank you .
TheMrbazooka 10 saatler önce
Top Job 🤘
R’tist 10 saatler önce
I found this video interesting 😮
wapow811 10 saatler önce
press start to start
Frankly Franky
Frankly Franky 10 saatler önce
So I never watch this episode and I was thinking about what you’re going to do this year as spooky season is coming up what if you dip the pumpkin in a large quantity of rubbing alcohol after carving to decrease the mold growth
Frankly Franky
Frankly Franky 11 saatler önce
I’m not surprised your Samsung users that totally tracks, personality, wise and I am so sorry. If you’re being bullied or harassed,
TJ Hendrix
TJ Hendrix 11 saatler önce
I wish you guys could make and sell them
The Lavender Creator
The Lavender Creator 11 saatler önce
best part of october is waiting to see what these two do to a pumpkin next
WillSar 12 saatler önce
you should make soumething out of your big globs of resins wooden sticks, this could be fun
A. Nonamoose
A. Nonamoose 12 saatler önce
That vacuum thing is garbage. Worst $150 I've ever spent. It just froths the resin and creates more bubbles.
Jane Budde
Jane Budde 13 saatler önce
Imagine getting stabbed by the wind though
NaNcy K.
NaNcy K. 13 saatler önce
You guys, THIS is amazing!! My kitties would love one. Plus as a plant mama, it's aesthetically pleasing to me too. 🍄💜🌻
Jane Budde
Jane Budde 13 saatler önce
🎶 you raise me uuuuuuuuuup🎵
Zodi 13 saatler önce
did that ai juste teach me what DIY meant? Yes. Yes it did
Jane Budde
Jane Budde 14 saatler önce
Wondering it AI is meant to be an abbreviation for alternate interval
Aunt Jemima
Aunt Jemima 14 saatler önce
It's my understanding that there aren't really any non-disposable gloves that are safe to use with resin, because nitrile gloves are effectively the only ones chemically resistant enough to ensure that no chemical contamination/absorption occurs. Saving a few bucks on gloves just isn't worth the added hazard when it comes to working with chemicals like resin.
Keira Whaley
Keira Whaley 14 saatler önce
I love the element-themed weapons but because I am the nerd I am... ATLA
THE SUBIESICKNESS 14 saatler önce
lol dont let the resin cure on the silicone sticks or cups just wipe it off with a rag works well
Kaisea 16 saatler önce
Could you clean off the stir sticks when you finished like you did with the mixers?
The Witchy Gamer
The Witchy Gamer 16 saatler önce
So what i like to do to clean my resin tools, is use baby wipes before the resin dries. No picking ever ^.^
GlitterGoth 17 saatler önce
22:14 they use the stinger sound from the kill bill movie, id know that sound anywhere lol btw great video :3
PuppyCrazy 17 saatler önce
Neila Nuruodo
Neila Nuruodo 17 saatler önce
ahhh yes the "no pressure" chamber :D
moises mera
moises mera 17 saatler önce
its amazing the managed to get the edge good. the axe was a little off but worked because of the design. they are slowly becoming the resin masters.
Nicole R.
Nicole R. 19 saatler önce
We use silicon stir sticks at my work and we found that they work best being sprayed with a mold release and having more than one layer of resin on it. The PVC ones are too flexible for the amount of resin we normally use.
GUILLERMO TOLEDO 19 saatler önce
Para ustedes, ¿significa algo la palabra PORTATIL?
THar Sul
THar Sul 19 saatler önce
Y’all should have a gem faceting table, one of those things they use for lapidary work where it’s got a little armature to hold the gem at specific angles over a flat sanding disk, cheap ones are only a couple hundred bucks and they will save you tons of elbow grease on projects like these.
Aakriti Chaudhry
Aakriti Chaudhry 20 saatler önce
I think the reusable gloves, spatulas etc are for people that might be more mindful ab the amount of waste they produce so they don’t have a problem w sacrificing a little bit of convenience
Cyra McLennan
Cyra McLennan 20 saatler önce
I absolutely love in the end when you said you know your ready when your more scared to not start than to start! Love it ❤
MERP_plays 20 saatler önce
rrei 21 saatler önce
I'm sorry these reusable options didn't work out for y'all, but I would like to see more reusable/sustainable options in the future! Because you guys test so much out and work with resin, there's a lot of waste in what you do. But, at the same time not all 'reusable' options are created equal and some can create as much waste. Like, it seems as if even if the gloves fit you, you'd still create as much waste as a disposable glove trying to clean them up. Or, like you said, the wooden sticks could be used multiple times. But why couldn't you clean the stir sticks like you did the magnets? Also would be cool to see some thrifted/repurposed items in some of your tests/builds.
sweethaven5 21 saatler önce
18:35 HALLLO, love that!! I say that too!! from Ohio🇺🇸
J Mapp
J Mapp 22 saatler önce
Hi guys I love your channel, you guys are awesome. But I was wondering what that helmet you wear was called and where you buy one?
Idknoseriouslyidk 22 saatler önce
100 layer popsicle stick
hazonku 23 saatler önce
As a fellow Max I approve of new big boi pressure pot's name.
Call Me Saul
Call Me Saul 23 saatler önce
A year later, how is bean?
Avery Gün önce
I have the worst idea ever can you guys make velvet gloves?
Yass Queen Anime Shorts
Hey loves. Always love the channel. Just wanted to throw out some useless information, but in this case finally useful. The striations you see I. The mixing process are actually called Slurry Lines. Credit to Prof. Laura Muller for entertaining my weird question during a chemistry lab.
hookbillduck Gün önce
We always blew them out and put matchsticks with strings into the holes so we could hang them on the Kitty willow branches. It is done with the mouth and sometimes the cheeks really hurt because we needed to use lots of force. It's not something that ancient either I am not over 3 decades old.
mywaifunow Gün önce
that sound effect at 22:14 was an interesting choice
Shiane Beck
Shiane Beck Gün önce
Hi i love your videos but was wondering where you got those cat helmets from? ❤
cockodemon Gün önce
My eyes are burning just watching this
Autumn Breeze
Autumn Breeze Gün önce
We called those magnetic stir bars "stir fleas" (roervlo's) in lab school
Anxo Carmesi
Anxo Carmesi Gün önce
Reusable hand molds