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Building an invisible 4K TV
11 aylar önce
Building a Luggable PC
2 yıl önce
Building DIY LED lights
2 yıl önce
Building an invisible PC
3 yıl önce
Bill B
Bill B 7 saatler önce
Did you ever think of trying packing blankets?
Na No
Na No 7 saatler önce
On a serious note.. big companies with huge workstations and servers, do they sometimes put them into rivers and if not, why not? Is it too expensive?
Alvin Aditya
Alvin Aditya 9 saatler önce
damn thats crazy
Uma Maheshwari
Uma Maheshwari 11 saatler önce
but how would we charge it if we just trap the mobile in the box
Yanick Blanchette
Yanick Blanchette 11 saatler önce
iSmAiL SaLiH
iSmAiL SaLiH 18 saatler önce
there is no info on what wires to connect to the board from the audio interface
OldManBOMBIN 18 saatler önce
Dude, amazing. You made a speaker that sounds exactly like a Google Pixel 6 Pro 😮 😊
Rob Hildebrand
Rob Hildebrand 18 saatler önce
I still don’t trust those gaskets
SassyPotato 20 saatler önce
Now when other's tell you to go touch grass, you can tell them that you already are
Andrew Wagner
Andrew Wagner 20 saatler önce
should have hooked it up to that outdoor tv u made a while back
Cølin 21 saatler önce
These look fantastic, and I'm sure they sound just as good!
Danjovi .sagat
Danjovi .sagat 21 saatler önce
estudiom142 22 saatler önce
Amazing proyect!!! Cheers!
Digital 22 saatler önce
Очень крутое видео, лайк и подписка👍
TeraByteKiller 22 saatler önce
i dont know why the eff it took me this long to watch this vid, lol. I saw it day 1, and skipped over. Perhaps cause i knew it would work, and why, and all that...But i super enjoyed your video @DIY Perks :) The way it all came together, and your edit, and narration threw out, and no cap bro, i seriously cheered when it turn on under water for the 1st time. I bet you did too ! Way more fun to watch, than i imagined it would be ! 100 % earning the subs, Mine included, and Heres to a Quick 5mil celebration !! Cheers, mate. Nice 1 !
oscar montes
oscar montes Gün önce
You built the "brightest" TV and not once did you think to show how it looks at night?
Fernando Mansilla
cool bro
Michael Boulware
Michael Boulware Gün önce
Good you do job 😊
Almighty Warrior
Almighty Warrior Gün önce
So this is why our oceans are warming up /s
Andre T.
Andre T. Gün önce
"go play outside"
Michael Boulware
Michael Boulware Gün önce
Hay I'm love vines ❤️
gaurav bagewadi
gaurav bagewadi Gün önce
yee 6:54
sony chandel
sony chandel Gün önce
I think I will try to modify them by using 4 3.7v lithium-ion batteries and a 3.7v to 5v converter instead of the step-down transformer, using a protection circuit and placing the batteries inside and placing the speaker verticle instead of horizontal
Chnanhaur Liew
Chnanhaur Liew Gün önce
I would prefer you doing a compact two-phase immersion cooling system. Your current cooling method requires those having ponds in their home backyard. those in the city dwellers doesn't have the luxury of having these resources. But using a two-phase immersion cooling system, I believe it will be very viable for the market.
Eze Wong
Eze Wong Gün önce
This should really be a sold product! This is EXACTLY what I want, especially with the ergonomics in mind. I hate curling like smeagol everytime I need to see something on the monitor.
Jatin Gohel
Jatin Gohel Gün önce
Buddy I am fan of yours DIY setups.
Paul Moore
Paul Moore Gün önce
That sir is one fine machine, great design and looks incredible.
Keith Barnabas
Keith Barnabas Gün önce
Hello please, 😢can you make a video of converting an old laptop keyboard into a usb keyboard. Have an old laptop and the one I'm using the keyboard is not working great.
Branko Malik
Branko Malik Gün önce
How warm is th pond right now? 🙂
blurryface Gün önce
I would love to have a functional aquarium in my room.
sen dit
sen dit Gün önce
perfect for when you get told to go play outside
VOLKS Gün önce
@diyperks hi can you help please I’m struggling to find the right control panel my screen has only these numbers ACYR8G057893 ltd133ewzx nrl75-dewzx14a-b-u15p 0167 I couldn’t find the control panel can send me link to a right one please
VOLKS Gün önce
@diyperks hi can you help please I’m struggling to find the right control panel my screen has only these numbers ACYR8G057893 ltd133ewzx nrl75-dewzx14a-b-u15p 0167 I couldn’t find the control panel can send me link to a right one please
Enver Sivac
Enver Sivac Gün önce
That's a very impressive project, good work.
Ganesh Karhale
Ganesh Karhale Gün önce
I like your do it yourself projects
Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh Gün önce
Rain left the chat....😂😂😂
Syed M Wajid
Syed M Wajid Gün önce
Which sony mobile phone you've used in your video bcoz now a day their is lots of phone avail with oled panel not lcd avail... if u tell me ur mobile model then ill search new mobile with lcd panel easily... just bcoz i want confirm that I'm working on mobile selling shop.. i can easily arrange any of mobile phone to compare urs
Chris Braid
Chris Braid Gün önce
That’s surely a lot of coolant …
Sophie macquet
Sophie macquet Gün önce
That … looks… INCREDIBLE! whats ur address?👀
Dave grizzly
Dave grizzly Gün önce
Add clear plastic to encase it would look really cool and also protect it
Danielle Strijdhaftig
Portable Desktop PC
Freddy Stephen S
Freddy Stephen S Gün önce
Ish DV
Ish DV Gün önce
Hi! Can you make an updated version of this with app control? THAAANKSSSS
CamelEggStudios Gün önce
I'm curious about how it runs out of the water, I would be interested to see how much more efficient drooping this PC into the pond is, VS having it out of the water with the cooling system just running thru the pipes/ air. Also I know it's for the content/ makes the video more interesting, but it killed me to watch you go straight into the water with all the expensive bits, instead of doing a "Dry Run" with just the outside shell filled with weights alone so that if it didn't work first try you where safe....
Nightlight Gün önce
Should have played Subnautica on it 😂
vinak Gün önce
Kinda curious what kind of thermals you'd get keeping the pc on a desk. Or if you'd get similar results using a standard pc water cooling radiator and sticking it in the pond.
Half-Masked Hero
Half-Masked Hero Gün önce
Hey can anyone help me? I have a model b116xab01.4 and it's a touch screen but can't find a control board for it :(
Hansie Gün önce
Super clean, great work
Sean Jones
Sean Jones Gün önce
Would definitely be cool to see a build of a proper “sub”woofer which actually goes into the subwoofer frequency range. It’s very hard to find commercial speakers which actually go below 30hz, much less to the 19hz of my SVS system