Summer Walker
Summer Walker
Summer Walker
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The Official Summer Walker TRvid Channel. Summer’s debut album “Over It” out now!
Robert Agyemang
Robert Agyemang 13 saatler önce
Beautiful amazing song summer Walker exceptional artist God bless
Barbara Parsons
Barbara Parsons 14 saatler önce
get anova one
Paris Deeor
Paris Deeor 20 saatler önce
Ngl Jumped right in 2023 playing this sht OVER AND OVER like it just came out 🥲
CY Ex 22 saatler önce
As long as you don’t simultaneously and consciously hide that you’re a hoe. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Otherwise, shit lyrics to a calming beat.
Willie Melton
Willie Melton 23 saatler önce
#32 #3200
C.D. Scales
C.D. Scales 23 saatler önce
Love This Song! 🎉❤
QueenClarity24s gamin channel
Summer walker you are so beautiful
Mindelle Hayes
Mindelle Hayes Gün önce
Summer Flamez once again 🤦🏾‍♀️ 🔥
Baseemah Ahmad
Baseemah Ahmad Gün önce
Dale Mollenhauer
Dale Mollenhauer Gün önce
WyKesha Stewart
WyKesha Stewart Gün önce
I love this songggg❤❤❤❤
Jervis sackey
Jervis sackey Gün önce
Derrick Gün önce
I need this on streaming services
Ku Paw
Ku Paw Gün önce
i feel this song with all my soul
Rocky King
Rocky King Gün önce
When you find that person that makes you feel seen, safe and loved. You see the potential in them and you want it to workout so bad, you change yourself to be liked even more by them but in the end they’re not ready to commit.
Still my favorite ❤
YungNando Gün önce
I want Dread nigga like chief keef lmaooo when this song came out 2014 😂?
𝕶𝖎𝖒 𝕵𝖎𝖘𝖔𝖔💥🔥
Do whatever you want, for your date will soon be under the ground. You will soon taste the torment of the grave💔💔
36. Thúy Vân
36. Thúy Vân Gün önce
Calavinio Gün önce
My favourite part is when she spiked a dudes drink
Beautyrosexo Gün önce
This is my most played song I love it toooo much !!!!!
Dyah Mcdonald
Dyah Mcdonald Gün önce
dats not even a real stomach 😕
Melo Tha Truth
Melo Tha Truth Gün önce
Sounds like she wrote this for Brandy 🔥
Leah McKinney
Leah McKinney Gün önce
A Martin
A Martin Gün önce
look at the baby chain
A Martin
A Martin Gün önce
someone gassed his ass up too much yooooo
TYREEK Gün önce
This is like dancehall but Americanized 😂
juan copeland
juan copeland 2 gün önce
nobody: me: i dropped a perc in his drinkkkkk