Abone ol
Payton Gün önce
May I know what the seed for the world is please. I'd like to play on that seed.
Piet Stratmann
Piet Stratmann Gün önce
MAD Why do you Made it with Sand not concrete
Shaaler TFT
Shaaler TFT Gün önce
Ah Yes the classic 3 months week
drac yes
drac yes Gün önce
It's been a year daddy I really really miss you mommy says you went to the store to get some milk anyways im failing all my classes and mommy hits me very frequently and she changed my name to tickle tipson anyways daddy i forgive you for abusing me please come back
Samyak Sharma
Samyak Sharma Gün önce
0:48...best friend says :- your m....
Txppr Gün önce
10:38 is that golden watermelon?
Txppr Gün önce
9:15-9:20 lol
Ayden Gordon
Ayden Gordon Gün önce
1:35:22 TGAT iron golam I’m not making fun of you I just thought it was funny it made my day
Bird_bones Gün önce
Should’ve gone to a stony peak mountain biome, coal spawns way more higher up.
Cristina M
Cristina M Gün önce
I laughed pretty hard at end 🤣
Francesco Bonaldo
Best film ever of Minecraft
Alchqmy Gün önce
24:28 what are you doing stepbro
Doğuş Şenol
Doğuş Şenol 2 gün önce
bro where is the final test come oooonnn
Cash YouTube
Cash YouTube 2 gün önce
I put this on to play Minecraft on my Aunts yt account, and ended up subbing, same with ezY
Utkrisht Mahajan
Utkrisht Mahajan 2 gün önce
Overall its shit
Bird_bones 2 gün önce
You made 9 weak potions of feather falling (3 membranes= 9 potions) which is already nearly 30 minutes of feather falling, if you add added gunpowder, I think it increases to 8 minutes? 8x9 is like 1 and 1/2 hours of feather falling-
Bobby Mathers
Bobby Mathers 2 gün önce
You should do a collab with PaulGG on a hardcore world!
Bobby Mathers
Bobby Mathers 2 gün önce
A collab with PaulGG on a hardcore world would be awesome. Both of you are sponsored by G-Fuel as well!
Profesorek Jajo
Profesorek Jajo 2 gün önce
This is scam 3h = 9 Minecraft days
Mike Xu
Mike Xu 2 gün önce
65 i was so close i guessed 67. i never got netherite before by the way
Scout Scheiderer
Scout Scheiderer 2 gün önce
3:04 when he says cannot get lapis with stone pickaxe
Heyy It's Mei
Heyy It's Mei 2 gün önce
Wat are you? Sponge? Slime? Moss?
notnotethan 2 gün önce
105 💀 skulls
Simon Disch
Simon Disch 2 gün önce
12:53 forgot a block 😩
notnotethan 2 gün önce
The under inferno for the under ground mega build
3AZY 2 gün önce
Mikayla Droz
Mikayla Droz 2 gün önce
I have noticed thoes paths in villages that lead to "no where" actually lead to another village... Just gotta go a ways straight on the same imaginary path and you will find yet another village lol I found that out a while ago my ass just goes from village to village and steals all their shit. I get diamonds way faster that way than mining....
Yosniel Hernandez
Yosniel Hernandez 2 gün önce
Never mind a birch tree again
Erik Carlsen
Erik Carlsen 2 gün önce
Wheeeeen does the new video come