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Yo I'm Andrew and I've been boat flippin' fatties since before I could walk.

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WolfePackFishing Dakika önce
You and gravy are literally the best things on TRvid right now besides my son and I … I want to formally challenge the both of y’all to a 2v2… I’ll drive to y’all.
Ryan Moss
Ryan Moss 3 dakika önce
😂😂😂😂😂 Come on lads.... Ayo now my top bloke...!! You gravy... Bro,s for life.. Getting board of flair,s tricks..👐.. loving his new pond build .💖💖.. But he getting boring an to squeeky..😅.. Norm even gets my likes, after your video,s..💪.... Good luck guys..❤
Big Jake’s Big Adventures
i like how gravy holds the fishing pole lol
jeff vader
jeff vader 13 dakika önce
After such a spectacular release, shouldn't it be "The Gravy Boat"?
chris green
chris green 14 dakika önce
What an awesome video. Definitely will be waiting impatiently for your next video. Lol
Johnny Moore
Johnny Moore 15 dakika önce
Hey man love the videos! However If you decide not to post for three weeks I’d expect the next video to be longer then 20 minutes! You and norm are my best source of entertainment so 20 minutes just isn’t enough! Do better! Love u boys
Lucky Rodriguez
Lucky Rodriguez 16 dakika önce
His line was caught in the rod thats why it wasnt cranking😂😂😂😂
Jeeyoon Hyun
Jeeyoon Hyun 18 dakika önce
Oh my gosh I just gave birth out the booty hole. Also camera man sticking to his duties filming Davey slide in head first on top of that bass.😂
Jonathan LaRoche
Jonathan LaRoche 19 dakika önce
Name the inflatable "Crave the Grave"...
Midwest Motor
Midwest Motor 19 dakika önce
Where's the link to buy one of these!?
Eric McCabe
Eric McCabe 19 dakika önce
The "Infishable"
DC Allan
DC Allan 21 dakika önce
What a waste of plastic, I love it 🤣🤣 Great to Gravy can stand up on the bow, I would be on my Asterix all the time 👍👍
Trevor Blassingame
Trevor Blassingame 21 dakika önce
That bass got frog splashed by Gravy!
Zack Dopheide
Zack Dopheide 28 dakika önce
Totally worth it, that raft yacht is tight!
Big Jake’s Big Adventures
for sure watching the house boat after this
SavageW4A 32 dakika önce
Please find a way to tow this like a tube behind a speedboat!
Scott Zavrel
Scott Zavrel 36 dakika önce
Gravy is the best.
lttledub 37 dakika önce
You definitely are supposed to go under the windshield on that thing. Haha
ski dogg
ski dogg 43 dakika önce
Lmao... I don't know what was funnier your crock catapult or gravies face plant into the water... love you guys can't wait to see more.
Shane Cunningham
Shane Cunningham 45 dakika önce
I remember when Ayo was the budget fisherman now my guys buying inflatable yachts.
raymond vincent
raymond vincent 45 dakika önce
Gravy He's an odd character that's for sure
StephenJG1 49 dakika önce
Can you fill it with helium dudes? Consider attaching onto your stern an inflatable AquaBanas Part Bana 2.0 Deck & Tent set with easy water access! What's the name of the inflatable yacht company?
Bass Daddy
Bass Daddy 52 dakika önce
Love it man you always have high level content 🇺🇸
Associated Blacksheep and Misfits
The name is easy .."Gravyboat"😊⚓
Cameron Trull
Cameron Trull 54 dakika önce
We always need more of daveys gravy
The Dude
The Dude Saatler önce
Hahahahaha!!😂😂😂 thats is the weirdest thing ive seen!!
Lonewolf2873 Saatler önce
Poor gravy had his line wrapped around his rod while trying to reel the ole girl in. No wonder he had an issue reeling in line, it was tight around the rod...haha
Vance mac D
Vance mac D Saatler önce
Can you go inside? Looks like you should be able too.
74_ emu
74_ emu Saatler önce
What was the name of the company that you got the new boat called?
Eddie Atkins
Eddie Atkins Saatler önce
Gravy makes the videos. Thanks for sharing your videos.
Cody Daldo
Cody Daldo Saatler önce
Kevin Ridenour
Kevin Ridenour Saatler önce
At least when this one sinks it’ll be easier to get out of the lake 😂
John Talley
John Talley Saatler önce
The Gravy Dunker
Double D
Double D Saatler önce
Gravy is a rocking sob ain't he.?? He on land he rocks but when he on a boat it looks like he is still lol
koen dc
koen dc Saatler önce
That r2d2 scream 😂
Hobbies4Hire Saatler önce
Great job on the video folks! Thanks for making it.
Matthew Farabee
Matthew Farabee Saatler önce
Not to sound any sort of way... but what's up with Grady's throat hair "goatee"... be a better friend lol got him out there looking ridiculous
Travis Stockton
Travis Stockton Saatler önce
Always great stuff
Rogi'z_Reviewz Saatler önce
What's the company that made it?
coach. C.
coach. C. Saatler önce
Gravy! NoOOOOooOOOooo😅😂
Jerry B123
Jerry B123 Saatler önce
Most guys would need a propulsion-system on that thing, and they'd probably have an actual party on-n-around it, but not AYO/Joe, he's to cool for any of that boring stuff.🥳
PureBloodSorryBahtit Saatler önce
22:33 😂😂😂
JB Cloud
JB Cloud Saatler önce
Where can we get one of these boats?
Bambunautilus Saatler önce
M.V. Gravybouncer has to have a race with your solid lifeboat cruiser and your supercool houseboat.Then which one would send me across from Australia to NewZealand on?lol.
Cory Sonsoucie
Cory Sonsoucie Saatler önce
Uss gravy
David Monteleone
David Monteleone Saatler önce
Rewatched gravy sliding in slow mo about 40 times at its still getting better😂😂😂
David Emming
David Emming Saatler önce
Never seen anyone drive in to get a fish.