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Caseytify 37 saniye önce
I like this cop...
Karyna Canchani
Karyna Canchani 53 saniye önce
I wish medics could hug patients, sometimes patients be needing that hug. 😭
lil g gang
lil g gang Dakika önce
Why she have to be a blood and I'm a kid I love my brothers and I tell them to not do that
camila 3 dakika önce
firefighters are the best lol i love watching these
seasharpdeflat 4 dakika önce
Nice spike-in' and nice doggin'!
andlem 5 dakika önce
He's not driving, he's not travelling - he's just hovering ...
Melissa Castillo
Melissa Castillo 5 dakika önce
Pay that man
Otc_bethinator 5 dakika önce
thought killing lights like that was illegal
GustavusAdolphus1 6 dakika önce
And people complain about Trump building a wall to keep them out.
Dying Juniper
Dying Juniper 6 dakika önce
That's why u get a cat. Beans ain't snitch on anyone😌
Rosemary Armitage
Rosemary Armitage 7 dakika önce
They should let them stay in jail for two or three days.
Jacob McLeod
Jacob McLeod 7 dakika önce
I'm happy for the guy but I'm also sad that he had to endure prison treatment for all those yrs for something he didn't do. I hope and pray he bounces back to a normal life. He's got a road ahead of him.
dumb gaming
dumb gaming 8 dakika önce
This is from a year ago but Katrina happened in 2005
sexysexysniper 8 dakika önce
aka KingKxm
aka KingKxm 9 dakika önce
kokos mom said do you want me to have a scroke 😂
Farrah Fox
Farrah Fox 10 dakika önce
Fat police , might need to give them some donuts
Zaria_Josiah 10 dakika önce
Wait how come they never showed who the kid with the glasses was and what he did?
George Hicks
George Hicks 10 dakika önce
Briana Salazar
Briana Salazar 11 dakika önce
“He was a cancer” oh ok let me jot that down to help with my case. Dumbass lmao 💀
Joseph Lester
Joseph Lester 11 dakika önce
Kassif Hussain
Kassif Hussain 11 dakika önce
They need something like this in the uk it would set a lot of kids straight 🤷🏻‍♂️
Phyllis Jackson
Phyllis Jackson 11 dakika önce
Billy the exterminator,.... Your awesome!!!
Marine MAG 42
Marine MAG 42 12 dakika önce
Oh I found the screaming woman! Thank god I thought she was out of the country!
James Sanders
James Sanders 12 dakika önce
If that was a BLACK MAN he would be DEAD by now. He wouldn't even get 20ft away before he's gunned down in cold blood.
yo mama
yo mama 12 dakika önce
Id move to another state
Oscar Escobedo
Oscar Escobedo 12 dakika önce
No rights read to the street dealer guy.
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous 12 dakika önce
BLM is racism in motion.
Salem Winifred
Salem Winifred 13 dakika önce
Super boy still has powers though (young justice super boy is Superman’s clone) so still not totally powerless
Sultan GH
Sultan GH 14 dakika önce
Finally normal person in Live PD videos 😂
O Johnstone
O Johnstone 14 dakika önce
1:08 bruh that camera man is faster then usain bolt he needs a raise😂
SneakingMOUSE 15 dakika önce
The mom might be using but at the same time those dark spots around her eyes I have been born with naturally. I've never done any drugs in my life, yet I have dark patches around my eyes. Maybe she's the same, or just really tired. I think people should be a little more optimistic here and not assume the worst.
Josephina Simwa
Josephina Simwa 15 dakika önce
I'm gonna ask him again but he say he wa wanna press charges Store guy: it's OK By stander: I'm gonna help I can pay, he's a good guy police: I can't unarrest him 🙄🤔
davey dudely
davey dudely 15 dakika önce
Shoulda swallowed em
DSlav2488 16 dakika önce
I'm not saying that what the girl said is correct....but why would he wave his cell phone at her? That doesn't make any sense. It qas obviously the gun. If you're waving anything at someone during a road rage incident....its a weapon of sorts. Basically a fear tactic to urge the perpetrator to quit while they're ahead
Sofia Butts
Sofia Butts 17 dakika önce
Why that girl always screaming like bruh
Mike Palmer
Mike Palmer 18 dakika önce
How does a simple signal violation stop turn into searching the car?🤔
👨🏻‍💻 19 dakika önce
Whoa! 😂
Atomic World
Atomic World 19 dakika önce
Larry's the least threatening name I can think of
Sofia Butts
Sofia Butts 19 dakika önce
The Jordan girl is annoying
pandalove 19 dakika önce
Uh did he said he was smoking when he was 11!?!? I was being a fat kid eating cake and watching austin and ally ;-;
Thaz Factory
Thaz Factory 21 dakika önce
Now this is real Tv 😂
“Under 2 o’s”
Israel Meir vigdor
Israel Meir vigdor 22 dakika önce
Well done dear cops
HOLYBANANAS1968 22 dakika önce
Moe Virgo
Moe Virgo 22 dakika önce
It's a Toyota 😂😂
Amelia Hollingsworth
Amelia Hollingsworth 23 dakika önce
What did the kid with the glasses do?
Jacob Lopez
Jacob Lopez 23 dakika önce
Bruh they booked her for a roach🤣🤣🤣
Carlene Kennedy
Carlene Kennedy 23 dakika önce
Why is it that nobody EVER has their ids!!
Anna Hyena
Anna Hyena 23 dakika önce
trashy trashy
P Johanna
P Johanna 24 dakika önce
“He pulled my hair!” “He pulled my hair!” 😀
Moe Virgo
Moe Virgo 25 dakika önce
Just give me one of those stacks of money 💵 💰 lol 😂
Myron McLaughlin
Myron McLaughlin 25 dakika önce
Just another example of two people that shouldn’t be together but will continue to be together and make each other miserable for a long time
Dadoka 26 dakika önce
20:14 The best cut i`ve seen in this show
Jack Salonsky
Jack Salonsky 26 dakika önce
It’s so funny how non of these guys can breathe when the cuffs come on 🤣🤣
i Lack Logic
i Lack Logic 26 dakika önce
Can someone explain why the judge beating up that public defender was considered just? Why wasn’t the judge arrested for assault?
TheGreatUsername 26 dakika önce
@16:20 "Are you dumb, or stoopid, or dumb, huh!?"
Just Another Hoosier
Just Another Hoosier 26 dakika önce
"They're filming a tv show. I'd better act badass surrounded by all these other badasses. We'll all be badasses. I'm a badass too. Look at me." is the only thing I heard.
Simon Says
Simon Says 27 dakika önce
1:32 that sound 😂😂😂
Zachary Whitman
Zachary Whitman 27 dakika önce
Great pistols, but wtf is up with the M9?? Don't see that often!
Gigi 28 dakika önce
he talks like someone off of big mouth
Shawn Kemp
Shawn Kemp 30 dakika önce
The amount of people in this comment section who think hydro comes from hydroponics is just sad.
Robert Pavard
Robert Pavard 30 dakika önce
El Paso cops know how to charge ppl lol these guys r dickheads
camila 30 dakika önce
fire department people are so cool and kind police should take notes
Jdub95 30 dakika önce
How does he have a daughter so young if he was in prison most of his life? First clip
Jack Richardson
Jack Richardson 31 dakika önce
I like the fact the break down company called the emergency services that's what we need more of
R 31 dakika önce
What year is this? They arrested her for nicely smoking a joint out of the way of people in the woods then messed up her day. I' m about to get behind defunding the police. 😆
Darlene DeLeon
Darlene DeLeon 31 dakika önce
St Patty's has been ruined for me now. LOL
Kalani Ward
Kalani Ward 31 dakika önce
Is anyone going to tall about jades makeup
Trent S
Trent S 32 dakika önce
Wow cop is narcissistic
BackWoodThony 32 dakika önce
What’s his TRvid ????
Gus serth
Gus serth 32 dakika önce
Most stupid "criminal"(clown). Too much drugs burned his "brain".
Femke De Graef
Femke De Graef 34 dakika önce
The first 1 was worse
Ms.Martie Gallego
Ms.Martie Gallego 34 dakika önce
Michael is such a handsome young man !! I hope and pray for a miracle !!
Richard Morris
Richard Morris 34 dakika önce
Scammer wasting peoples time.
Nina Luehring
Nina Luehring 36 dakika önce
This is why I don't do drugs or why I won't try them. Ever I don't want to die Young
Ann E
Ann E 36 dakika önce
One thing that all these hoarders have in common is selfishness. It’s especially bad when there are kids involved, even if they are grown up.
DICK BIGGERSON 36 dakika önce
That has got to be the most ghetto thing ive ever seen. Please. I beg you TRvid Gods. Get Gordan Ramsey and this guy together lo.
Lars Kumpaan
Lars Kumpaan 37 dakika önce
The dog speaks German? Interesting!
ampharos 37 dakika önce
i cant imagine being in prison for 25 years for something I didn't do... there is nothing you can do to give this man the life he was supposed to live.. not even a million dollars will bring back all the years he lost
Terri Bolton
Terri Bolton 39 dakika önce
You know the suspect is lying when be starts his sentence with "Basically"
aki betha
aki betha 40 dakika önce
Brook 69
Imblueyo UwU
Imblueyo UwU 40 dakika önce
Bruh that girl started crying they ain’t even do anything yet
Fade SLNDERMAN 40 dakika önce
25 years for something he didn’t do and he still looks like a normal person
cooper c
cooper c 40 dakika önce
How do you estimate a chanel bag for 50 but a few hundred in pool sticks
JungsVonFrüher Schwalbach824
Who new episodes of live PD wants... Press like...
Dartmoor Dave
Dartmoor Dave 41 dakika önce
Time your cops got the saliva drug wipes for testing drugs at the roadside like the UK. Its a bit like a pregnancy tester, if the lines light up You're Done. No ifs or buts.
Brian Hubbard
Brian Hubbard 41 dakika önce
Dudes stealing extenze lmfaoooo!!!!
Christopher Kidder
Christopher Kidder 42 dakika önce
I heard Nutria Taste amazing
Phyrom Huy
Phyrom Huy 42 dakika önce
Ha the butch is laughing at her own joke
frank hargreaves
frank hargreaves 42 dakika önce
Nice bod. Lesbe friends.
Angela Espinosa
Angela Espinosa 42 dakika önce
Dennis is ready for the zombie apocalypse with his weapons collection 👍
Ash 42 dakika önce
Bring back live PD
Briana Young
Briana Young 43 dakika önce
"For me to tap out it will take a shank to the body" Walks in for 5 seconds and taps out🙄🤣🤣🤣🤣 omgggg big old sissy
x x
x x 44 dakika önce
You can tell that lady is big doing all that crying
Goodwomen Goodman
Goodwomen Goodman 45 dakika önce
Why should we need a permit to own fire arms.
DevinFilms 45 dakika önce
“Whoop, whoop 👌🏻”
SeriousName 45 dakika önce
I wish I lived there so I could get pulled over. I just want to be told to "have a beautiful South Carolina afternoon". XD
Amanda Zambrano
Amanda Zambrano 45 dakika önce
6:50 spitting bars low-key
Sten Solov
Sten Solov 45 dakika önce
In America, people have no rights. Stop the car, search the person. Say only after a search why. Do not draw up a search report. They stopped it without evidence, violated the failure, and told to relax.