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Santo Farinola
Santo Farinola 16 saniye önce
Thanks for captions
StormyPeak Dakika önce
At the start of the video...Sweet little old lady... "So, are you going to have them arrested" *hopeful laugh" I was so sad to hear the cop say 'No.' Especially, later after seeing how the animals were being kept.
kunklin420IRE Dakika önce
residents where supposed to be out of the residence
caden BR
caden BR 2 dakika önce
He just wanted some eggs cuz he was hungry
Heavy Metal?
Heavy Metal? 3 dakika önce
So this is why SOAD hasn’t released a new album
Zach Dawson
Zach Dawson 4 dakika önce
You know it’s bad when a dude will kill you for a honeybun
Its Expulso
Its Expulso 4 dakika önce
good doggo got a nice toy
Monika Lagasse
Monika Lagasse 4 dakika önce
I been cleaning hoarding houses for the past 27 yrs a lot cheaper than they charge u
Chey H
Chey H 5 dakika önce
The only thing scary about the white girl...is them sloppy dentures...
Prudish Mouse
Prudish Mouse 5 dakika önce
I’d have to say that the only thing this man was missing was a girl and a bottle of whiskey. 👏👏👏
Kenn's Instagram At: i000
🤣 8:45 That boy white privilege expectancy rate shot to the roof. "Can my mom" ........🤦🏽‍♂️
leeder 6 dakika önce
Don Glass
Don Glass 7 dakika önce
El Paso police looking like a bunch of goobers 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Monika Lagasse
Monika Lagasse 7 dakika önce
This therapist cracks me up with all her fake wigs
david broussard
david broussard 8 dakika önce
should not have small and scrawny Correction Officers, and that goes for Females as well...
MM 786
MM 786 8 dakika önce
What blew off the back of the cruiser at 2:55?
HD RYDER 8 dakika önce
Jeff is the kid from Christmas story all grown up! Still needing them glasses to 😂
Douglas Roe
Douglas Roe 8 dakika önce
What's crazy is that Jeff could of folded that guy.
Nicky 9 dakika önce
Fred D
Fred D 10 dakika önce
The vodka lady !!
sean delgado
sean delgado 10 dakika önce
Bro you go jail for a roach LMFAO 😂😂😂 south Carolina still in them Confederate laws
choppa gunna
choppa gunna 10 dakika önce
LOL 🤣😂🍑🍆🍌🍒🤦‍♂️✌
Thomas Snyder
Thomas Snyder 10 dakika önce
I'm 99% certain they missed the rest of that meth in that car. If it's in the doors it'll be in the bumpers and subwoofer box as well at a minimum.
Phoenix Typewriter
Phoenix Typewriter 11 dakika önce
When you Exit your vehicle, YOU are the aggressor . . .
Brotha Reece
Brotha Reece 12 dakika önce
He needs a present father figure. Period.
HD RYDER 12 dakika önce
Security guard? He must work a guard shack that checks 18 wheelers into a freight warehouse!
Tristin Raebel
Tristin Raebel 14 dakika önce
"Chuckle nuts " ? 😂🤣
Willie Peterson
Willie Peterson 15 dakika önce
Brian got them 13s on 0:29
GLORY IN THE 3RD 15 dakika önce
This dude with the glasses is a joke pure clown all the way
Soca Boy
Soca Boy 15 dakika önce
That dude left his dinner.
Lil Knight
Lil Knight 16 dakika önce
The fat guy with the red shirt: OK BOOMER
shawanna Johnson
shawanna Johnson 16 dakika önce
That's sad
Mawkatz 17 dakika önce
What did I miss? Why was the cop checking the police car's door jam at the end?
Mr. Duane Sharpe
Mr. Duane Sharpe 17 dakika önce
Yes. This was my first ever LivePD. When was y’alls
Luis R
Luis R 17 dakika önce
I bet he's dead or in jail by now. Sorry waste of life.
Irreverent Crawfish
Irreverent Crawfish 19 dakika önce
This is the only person I know who's ever gotten pulled over for 84 mph in Oklahoma. I live in Oklahoma and cops normally blow your doors off if you're doing 80.
Shawn Nixon
Shawn Nixon 20 dakika önce
Lmao I like “hair spray”
Stephen Anthony
Stephen Anthony 21 dakika önce
Anybody else scream when you saw the black hand??
John Russell
John Russell 21 dakika önce
This can’t be real lol
Jace Arnett
Jace Arnett 21 dakika önce
Anon Emous
Anon Emous 21 dakika önce
Why did they get charged with burglary AND theft? Are not the two charges for the same thing? And the two guys who got caught acted like it was just another day at work. Maybe an afternoon meeting with the crew right after lunch. Weird.
jaydak99 23 dakika önce
First guy was raised by a single mother.
Dee Burnside
Dee Burnside 23 dakika önce
As a passenger you don't have to provide identification because there's no crime being broken by the passenger.
Elizabeth F.
Elizabeth F. 24 dakika önce
Poor dog and cat. That breaks my heart. How could anyone be that cruel????
ray kemry
ray kemry 24 dakika önce
My wife loves the book
beautiful disaster
beautiful disaster 25 dakika önce
Tamadrea or whateva need to wash that wig
MrDuckOnQuackk 69
MrDuckOnQuackk 69 25 dakika önce
Sweet lic
George Pavles
George Pavles 25 dakika önce
Cuttets girl I've ever seen😛
Willie Peterson
Willie Peterson 25 dakika önce
Dion ready to get in jail
ray kemry
ray kemry 25 dakika önce
Awzom you do stuff with your kids, all my old man ever did was work.
daniel2supreme 26 dakika önce
officer woodward can get this woodward
Mr. Duane Sharpe
Mr. Duane Sharpe 27 dakika önce
All women are “actressessssssseeeesssssssss”. Men are dumb!
pauly shore
pauly shore 28 dakika önce
rcmusicplayer 28 dakika önce
gas... we mean coolant...
Nadia Star
Nadia Star 29 dakika önce
I can barely hear them because the music is louder than the audio
ShakeyMakeup 32 dakika önce
this guy never deserved a sentence
Trembling Daymare
Trembling Daymare 32 dakika önce
Accident or not, you don't sedate a 2year old with Chloroform.
Allen Reeder
Allen Reeder 32 dakika önce
This ONE sucks!!!
Bryan Rodriguez
Bryan Rodriguez 33 dakika önce
This new girls... No more please torture to my ears i think i lost a couple of brain cells
ray kemry
ray kemry 35 dakika önce
Oh yes they are there,always watching.
Alex Rangel
Alex Rangel 35 dakika önce
"no corer pero en el caro" haha dont run dog in the car haha love it
fuck off
fuck off 35 dakika önce
“I can take this to court.” You just said you clearly cannot even afford AC puhhhhhh lease. And the common sense of avoiding court for a misdemeanor DUI now she has that plus more problems. 🤷‍♀️
Cesaro iS The Name
Cesaro iS The Name 36 dakika önce
a year or two ago, I was all over the place with alcoholism, now I have money falling out my wallet, its funny how life can change so quickly , always keep ur head up, work out take care of urself, keeps u sharp mentally to get out there and grind, I had zero, But I DID NOT GIVE UP ' ONE LOVE ' MY BROTHER, DROP THE PIPE..
Саша Мухин
Саша Мухин 36 dakika önce
Мужык в запое и ево госпитализировали лечиться...
A. Martinez
A. Martinez 37 dakika önce
Beautiful cop, super
pauly shore
pauly shore 37 dakika önce
This is just good TV
Josh Willey
Josh Willey 37 dakika önce
where does one get an automatic .30-06 lol
seth theriault
seth theriault 38 dakika önce
Smoking while they make their bust haha
KG Wheeler
KG Wheeler 38 dakika önce
Bruhhhhh he literally said “you frickin jerk dude” that’s the weakest thing you could say in a room full of criminals
roadking99 jokerst
roadking99 jokerst 38 dakika önce
Cue the turnin dey life aroun reports.
uselessChamry 38 dakika önce
These shows always make me so emotional, seeing how mentally unstable these poor people can be.
GLORY IN THE 3RD 39 dakika önce
Ol'Jeff lol pitiful.
RB_SPLICE 40 dakika önce
I feel bad for the bald guy 😔
Delmeaux Knows
Delmeaux Knows 40 dakika önce
Ew. Bud Light.
Nathan Navarro
Nathan Navarro 41 dakika önce
How about a paralyze Start
0die_art4 _
0die_art4 _ 42 dakika önce
Worst episode ever
Timss 42 dakika önce
Young sister look like YNW MELLY😂😂😂
alyisdead 43 dakika önce
Oh my god, so trashy and childish
Delmeaux Knows
Delmeaux Knows 43 dakika önce
Title should have been "Not Man Enough"
ms ce
ms ce 44 dakika önce
What’s the point of “consent” to search if they will use their k-9 to find probable cause to search anyway? How does a citizen know if the dog actually hit on the car and that the officer didn’t make it up?
Саша Мухин
Саша Мухин 44 dakika önce
Хорошая реалистичьная с!ёмка...
R M 44 dakika önce
Such a tasty title
Addicted 2 Tone
Addicted 2 Tone 44 dakika önce
On today's episode of What The Florida..
ShakeyMakeup 45 dakika önce
what’s the point of this episode retry him and he still won’t get out.
D_Bones217 45 dakika önce
No one is talking about the click bait thumnail
ยังจํา ฮ่าา
L💕ve u
Tuddle 45 dakika önce
They were in on it together. Martin “hey I’ll be nice to him. you go punch dude a few times he’ll come to me for advise. I’ll hustle him for some stuff and I’ll tell you what you can watch me eat it! sound like a great deal??? Okay now go punch him you and can sleep in my shed at my mamas trailer when we get out of here! Go gettem boy”. Ricky “Okay imma go gettem”.
0die_art4 _
0die_art4 _ 46 dakika önce
Girl really doing the “shake weight”
Josh M
Josh M 47 dakika önce
"Are you smoking weed?" *takes 3 officers to find out*
Kendra Franz
Kendra Franz 49 dakika önce
That cat is so precious
Travis Rowe
Travis Rowe 50 dakika önce
“I still have my teeth” greatest evidence/excuse ever lol
SPOT 40 50 dakika önce
Every clip in this video spells out Florida
Mr. President
Mr. President 51 dakika önce
Joel Barker
Joel Barker 51 dakika önce
Is it strange to anybody else how she get down on her knees..wtf😂😂
HACK. PRANK. 52 dakika önce
This mf driving around police camoros like it’s nothing, if I see that in my town, you best believe I’m scared 😂 my v6 won’t stand a chance 😂
Tula 53 dakika önce
This trooper is great!!!
Will mckee
Will mckee 53 dakika önce
This is wild. I drive on that freeway where the school bus is all the time. That’s The Grand Parkway.
Bizzare Meme Lord
Bizzare Meme Lord 53 dakika önce
Just did some tiger tranquilizers. Ready to watch live PD
John Adams
John Adams 53 dakika önce
Top flight security of the world craig
NLCK 1k 53 dakika önce