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Because liking things is more fun than not liking things.

Sometimes the critics are wrong. Some movies, while full of plot holes, continuity errors, and bad acting have plenty of wins! Every week I’ll do a movie you love, that maybe the world hates. Did you go into a movie with your mind made up? Maybe there's more greatness in it than you thought! And some movies are just so good they deserve the winning treatment.

The internet is full of so much hate and negativity, ultimately I hope my videos will brighten your day!

I use a similar format as CinemaSins specifically to be their opposite. This is just my spin on films that I think don't get the respect they deserve or are so good they need to be celebrated. Or more often, stupid crap that made me laugh and want to watch it again.

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Jeavan Amara's Candor Channel
3:56 Even Strange can't remember Peter Parker? Oh god, gut punch. These things are very subjective--when you're having a hard time and didn't expect profound tragedy, getting it sucks. For me "No Way Home" was a gut punch. I was just warming up to new Peter and his friends. Then: Destroyed. Peter stoically chooses to be utterly alone. DEVASTATING.
thejackattack_real_ 12 saatler önce
You should definitely do everything great with Rango
mmm 13 saatler önce
Something you need to know. I am Māori from New Zealand and our god (Atua) of war is named Tumatauenga. Thor was referring to him, not Tamatoa. That is a Disney character, not a Māori god (Atua). He was correct in his pronunciation and I bet Taika most probably taught him how to pronounce his name properly.
BERT 15 saatler önce
please please do everything great about speedracer
theAlpha1031 15 saatler önce
I actually liked this movie a little better than the original one. The final battle with Killmonger and Black Panther was way to CGI and just not done well. I think killing the queen was fine, it added to the seriousness of Namor and pushed the story along...though she didnt seem that well protected (military background). The suits felt a bit cheap because now everyone has an iron inspired suite... A Namor solo movie would be done for sure.
Zack 17 saatler önce
Ya know, if there was ever a Disney "live action remake" that I wouldn't be annoyed at. It'd be Treasure Planet. I don't expect them to do a great job at it or anything. I just want more stuff in this type of sci-fi setting. Makes me want to play Rogue Galaxy again.
TheDoomGuy 18 saatler önce
21:12 is it me or does he look like deadpool here
Dreamodeon Life
Dreamodeon Life 18 saatler önce
Can you do "Little mermaid" when the the Live action remakes comes out?
Dreamodeon Life
Dreamodeon Life 18 saatler önce
Can you do "Little mermaid" when the the Live action remakes comes out?
Dreamodeon Life
Dreamodeon Life 18 saatler önce
Can you do "Little mermaid" when the the Live action remakes comes out?
Dreamodeon Life
Dreamodeon Life 18 saatler önce
Can you do "Little mermaid" when the the Live action remakes comes out?
Dreamodeon Life
Dreamodeon Life 18 saatler önce
Can you do "Little mermaid" when the the Live action remakes comes out?
Dreamodeon Life
Dreamodeon Life 18 saatler önce
Do "flushed Away" next!!!!!
Dreamodeon Life
Dreamodeon Life 18 saatler önce
Can you do "Little mermaid" when the the Live action remakes comes out?
Dreamodeon Life
Dreamodeon Life 18 saatler önce
Can you do "Little mermaid" when the the Live action remakes comes out?
Dreamodeon Life
Dreamodeon Life 18 saatler önce
Can you do "Little mermaid" when the the Live action remakes comes out?
Douglas Moran
Douglas Moran 19 saatler önce
My favorite moment was Tony and Peter’s battlefield reunion. Those two have such great chemistry together.
Monty Robertson
Monty Robertson 19 saatler önce
I was so excited to see this movie. Could not wait. Then after watching it, I could have went my whole life without having seen it. I did not like it at all. Congratulations on its Oscar wins, but this movie was in no way for me.
Shattering Perception
Shattering Perception 14 saatler önce
No hate whatsoever, just genuinely want to know what you don't like about it?
Phaesia Reese
Phaesia Reese 19 saatler önce
To show how little I pay attention to everything and nothing, I had no idea she died in the first part or AT ALL for that matter.
Jaiden Gulati
Jaiden Gulati 19 saatler önce
9:38 well, not anymore at least
Drew Bussey
Drew Bussey 19 saatler önce
I have never gotten the feeling that Anakin was possessive in his love. I felt that he simply valued others too much. Or rather, his love (passion/compassion) is who he is. His whole sense of self is based on his connections with others. There's a parallel in there about Anakin being born of the force and the force being the metaphysical energy that IS connection. Kinda fun to think about it.
Peter Knutsen
Peter Knutsen 19 saatler önce
6:13 Also the part where he doesn’t have a face any longer, after having been shot in the back of the head. Point for realism of the grisly type.
Misheel Insert last name
Misheel Insert last name 19 saatler önce
10:08 in the books Clove was the one outweighing Katniss. AND Clove had all that combat training on top of that.
Jordan Thompson
Jordan Thompson 20 saatler önce
few things: this movie is made by people that love movies, which is a win unto it self. There are quite a few movie references some subtle others overt.The ones I've noticed: 2001: A space odyssey - duh Ratatouille - duh Matrix - the first kung fu shot is green scaled super hard like the matrix Melancholia - Montage scene of planets colliding during final hug with daughter In the mood for love - kung fu super star universe got the blue light at night and dumplings sign. I'm sure I'm missing a bunch
Luckya Chu
Luckya Chu 20 saatler önce
i love knowing this but at the same time I need to shut up I want to stop thinking
Keilyn Cook
Keilyn Cook 20 saatler önce
loocinatheworld 20 saatler önce
also missed dan kwan in the hot dog ad before the jump to the hot dog universe, plus when jobu tupaki is switching to the bar in prime-verse from the burner universe, one of the universes she passes through is one in which she is a bus driver crashing a bus. when evelyn is having her freakout, there's a brief moment where you can see her flying forward in the bus
Nourishe 20 saatler önce
Crazy to me that CRA is a comfort to you, I always find myself on the verge of crying
Francisco Azevedo
Francisco Azevedo 21 saatler önce
I was not expecting this movie to make me feel things that I can't even explain. It was so profound and I really can't stop thinking about it. Funny thing is how in all the things that happen and are part of the movie the story and concept itself it is actually super down to earth and simple. It is so hard to not cry because it really feels like all the ruckus that happens in the movie is a metaphor to everything that is happening in our lives that is just noise keeping us from living our lives in a simple way and to really dedicate our time to the ones we love. This is such a genius movie, it really is amazing.
Jeavan Amara's Candor Channel
"...so much maturity." "...a guy who's good with who he is..." So many nuggets of positive wisdom! If I could get my current fiancé, or couldn't have gotten my late husband, to binge this channel...and maybe throw in some Mended Light with Jonathan and Alicia Decker... I Actually Think it would have / could make them nicer, better men. (I should binge more myself. I need some work too.) Exposing ourselves to positivity is So Important... THAT'S one way we can Change Neural Pathways...‼️💥‼️...
loocinatheworld 21 saatler önce
Jeavan Amara's Candor Channel
I LOVE this channel. But like Most TRvidrs... The narration is So Fast I can put it at 0.75 speed, get distracted, then forget it's slowed. Because there's virtually no distortion. Because TRvid video essayists talk Really Fast. I often slow my videos down by, like, 10 to 15%. Especially non English speakers will struggle otherwise. And it's not relaxing to listen to rapid speech. As Ted Mosby once drunkenly said, "Take it slow..." We actually don't have to talk That fast. (I wonder why TRvidrs almost all do?🤔 Myself included. Irl too.🤔~🤨)
Jeavan Amara's Candor Channel
2:32 ~"Not at the wedding!" GOOD POINT. As well as being positive, this channel points out--sometimes our Movie heroes are Rude. Even Very. They aren't role models. DON'T express your love regrets to the bride AT THE WEDDING. Details easy to miss. But if we all learned more Tact and diplomacy...the world would be nicer, and even SAFER. Less violent. And there'd be far fewer divorces. (Though real therapy often needed too.) But we so underestimate the power of tact and diplomacy. I have to learn now in mid life. I wish I'd been taught as a child. Then it would be 2nd nature, and my life would have been more peaceful (& rewarding). (And successful...)
Jeavan Amara's Candor Channel
I don't know the your modal demographic will get it, but I'm a 54 year old Step grandma TRvidr, so yes; you can use "Bob Newhart" (as in the 2nd show) as a verb. We GenXers are old now. We know "anchient" history. I even remember Busom Buddies (connection Peter Sciari (spelling??)) He was my FAVORITE BUDDY!!!) Heck--my fiancé watches the Orginal Bob Newhart show. To Gen Z... that's archeology...😄...
Jeavan Amara's Candor Channel
In fact, was once having a **panic attack**--😲-- Yikes!!! So awful!! So weird!!! What to do? Found one of your videos. Felt better soon. Thanks Lee❣️ Keep up the good, positive work.🥰😇🥰
Jeavan Amara's Candor Channel
We re-watched the Sam and Diane Cheers. He went on to First season Mash... We're perpetual adolescents (Him especially)...but Soo Oold... You're...millenial, right? Fun fact: My *legal name* is *Jude.* Like your (very cute) son! 😊 But I'm liking Jeavan Amara...😌😇😌... LOVE YOUR CHANNEL‼️❣️‼️ 💥Long time fan‼️
C4SUAL CYCL0PS 21 saatler önce
You know, maybe I’m being too hard on Gunn taking over the DCEU. I always thought of his work with The Suicide Squad and Guardians as being too heavy on the quips and humor, but looking back through his work, he does bring enough thought and seriousness to his movies as well while keeping them connected tonally.
Rik Tallman
Rik Tallman 21 saatler önce
We needed a win for when Lurtz throws the dagger at Aragorn and he deflects it away with a two handed swing of the sword 🗡️
Arely perez
Arely perez 22 saatler önce
Waymond was too sweet and made me cry too many times 🤧 How Did He Not Get More Roles!?!?!? He's absolutely amazing 😢
William Wells
William Wells 22 saatler önce
Waymond is my favorite character in any movie, ever. Everybody needs Waymond
Chase 22 saatler önce
harry potter movies
Jonathan Joestar
Jonathan Joestar 22 saatler önce
This is possibly the worst video covering the Last Jedi I've ever seen, and that's a difficult trophy to achieve considering the competition; Patrick Willems, MovieBob, I Hate Everything, QuintonReviews. Truly, media standards have dropped to depths that are unprecedented, and I can only assume it's because the people who praise this movie didn't see the originals, because if they did how could they possibly like what it does to the character, the worldbuilding, and the rules of the universe?
Praveen Ketheeswaran
Praveen Ketheeswaran 22 saatler önce
One of my favourites parts of this movie was the callback to Avengers. It was when everyone was arguing with each other in the lab where the Scepter was. Steve says to Tony " the only thing you really fight for is yourself. You're not the guy to make the play", then Tony replies "you're a laboratory experiment Rogers. Everything about you came out of a bottle". They literally prove each other wrong in Endgame. Steve isn't Captain America because of the super serum, its because he IS special, and what better way to prove that than showing he was able to lift and wield Mjolnir and the power of Thor. And of course we saw Iron Man prove that IS the guy to make the sacrificial play. and I mean THE sacrificial play of all time by saving the universe at the cost of his life. I didnt realise this until maybe weeks or months after watching Endgame but it added a whole other level of love and appreciation for this movie.
D 23 saatler önce
I looked at it for 20 mins. Its messy and i dont like it. I skipped this too to see if i missed anything exciting. I didnt.
Korey King
Korey King 23 saatler önce
Day 1 of asking you to please do fight club
Shawn McDaniel
Shawn McDaniel Gün önce
Fun fact: apparently using a shoe as a weapon is apparently a common practice for matriarchs in Mexico.
Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon Gün önce
Worrying about "representation" is the very definition of narcissism.
Chris Rubin
Chris Rubin Gün önce
Detective Crashmore is a cultural icon. But don't you dare talk about why.
Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon Gün önce
He's not a mary sue. That's not what that means.
Milo Hay
Milo Hay Gün önce
PLEASE DO CRAZY RICH ASIANS!! I would love that so much
bobby bob :)
bobby bob :) Gün önce
when mei went up with the og of red panda I thought they were going to kiss 💀