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Hi! I am Plunderthabooty and I love video games! I play and create content for Destiny 2 and absolutely love it. I work on many different things like Destiny 2 Warlock Builds, Destiny 2 Hunter Builds, and Destiny 2 Titan Builds and I really enjoy showing off what the different builds are capable of inside of Destiny 2!
Shark 2 saatler önce
Cool Build! Just wondering if this works with onnioculus for the added benefits. Thanks!
nathan t
nathan t 10 saatler önce
What if you don't have bountiful wells?
Natanael Ramos
Natanael Ramos 11 saatler önce
For some reason I can’t get over 110k damage, maybe cause I’m not max power?
Hugs 15 saatler önce
This is the first build I've ever tried and also probably the most fun I have had doing PvE content.
Hugs 15 saatler önce
@Plunderthabooty Yeah this video and build finally gave me the push to actually start experimenting with builds and stuff. Keep up the great work
Plunderthabooty 15 saatler önce
That's awesome man glad you like it! 😊 Yeah I literally can't play without builds now on all 3 characters it makes the game so much more enjoyable for me haha
Mick M
Mick M 21 saatler önce
Is this still viable? I'm a top tree Sent nerd, I love the utility of offense and defense
Johnnyboycurtis 21 saatler önce
Invisibility feels so cheesy and boring. All hunter PvE players I know default to void hunter builds cuz all they know what to do is dodge, go invisible and run away. Hunter is my least favorite character but been playing around with Master Lost Sectors on Blade Barrage to make things interesting. Feels more engaging to my play style which is more aggressive and on the offense. I’ve been able to do a few lost sectors flawless on blade barrage fairly easily thus far.
Steven Schoonover
Just found your channel. Coming back after a multi year break. Will be watching all your build videos.
Plunderthabooty Gün önce
Thanks man appreciate that 😊 definitely have some great builds here!
adeader28 Gün önce
I just tried this build. I didn't think it would work for me, but WOW! Thanks!
Cole Kottelenberg
I'm using this sort of early game, top tree drawn and sunbracers is nuts. Throw the grenades from the air and then you'll get celestial fire back from all the grenade kills
LOKNES1 Gün önce
Agreed, was looking for a Axiom bolt build and is is insane will have to try it out. Now I need a high stat Contraverse Hold set drop. 👍🏾👍🏾
Daniel Boll
Daniel Boll Gün önce
I have a build crafter idea but it’s a bit more out of left field than most, so I understand if you find no interest in it. For some background, I love knights. To make a long story short, Passive guard, striking light, lucent blade, elemental shards, elemental charge and taking charge Stasis Titan w/ diamond lance and tectonic harvest, (whisper of chains, whisper of shards, whisper of conduction, whisper of Rime, whisper of torment), stronghold, Crownsplitter, and for primaries I run peacebond(subsistence/headstone,) and eriana’s. You may have a better idea, I just use my exotic as a directed *f u too* What I’ll say about this build is that it’s not your average “hard to kill.” Overshields, damage resistance, a steady stream of shards, you’re a whirlwind of violence and basically a unstoppable force. Crown splitter slam can shatter all the crystals at once, especially if you crystal launch yourself and slam down, wiping out all close to you. Tested in PVP with my clan, I can eat chaos reachers, Gjallerhorn, and that’s without pve mods active. I do it not to be a dick to people but to be helping hand to the newer guardians trying nightfalls and getting frustrated with wiping. It’s got serious power: I used it to get a Solo master presage flawless. I wanted to put my idea out here just cause I feel very personally about it, and wanted to share it With you, Plunder. 💜 keep up the great work dude.
Daniel Boll
Daniel Boll Gün önce
@Plunderthabooty writing this in a flash before class, But, My view is a tad skewed- it works with any sword, exotics included, but, I have a Crown splitter with Flash Counter, Counter attack, which basically negates the need for vorpal. Combine that with some dark souls reaction time, and the fact Stronghold parry’s heal about a 4th of your health, you’re literally a behemoth
Plunderthabooty Gün önce
Looks like a lot of fun! 😊
Furion Max
Furion Max Gün önce
Question: will this help with the bleak watcher turret. I've been trying to get at least two or three turrets up at once but haven't been having any luck.
Maz Mazzi
Maz Mazzi Gün önce
I can use this in raids right pretty much aren’t all your builds you raid material
Jutto958 Gün önce
Tried it on the Perdition Master Lost Sector.... Not really a good build for it.
Natanael Ramos
Natanael Ramos Gün önce
I made your build and my friends are so bored watching me kill everything 😂
Plunderthabooty Gün önce
That's awesome 🤣🤣 lol
Qiarx Gün önce
After I got back into destiny 2 you have been my guide to my builds, thank you man
Plunderthabooty Gün önce
Happy to help 😊
Bamboo Gün önce
dude id love to do this build but i just dont have the elemental ordanance mod :(. Anyone wanna run activities till i get it lmfao.
Coleman Whitaker
Coleman Whitaker Gün önce
Is that an ornament for the holds? When did that come out?
ShadowBush50 2 gün önce
Hey plunder I’m wondering if you could possibly make a golden gun hunter build using the embrace exotic gauntlets they ones that improve the weighted knife.
Joshua Butler
Joshua Butler 2 gün önce
Who's the crayon eater now!?
Git 'r' Done Darth Lion
As well as discord could you put a link to DIM with the build in the comments of your video as well.
BattleJitney21 2 gün önce
New follower here. Glad I found this video. I’m having a hard time soloing Legendary Lost Sectors so I’m going use this build with Ager’s Scepter and a fusion and see if I can finally complete one!
Aleksey Zubov
Aleksey Zubov 2 gün önce
Mike McCurry
Mike McCurry 2 gün önce
Great video, question how are you throwing your hammer so close? I’m returning to D2 for the first time in years. This build looks like a lot of fun.
Oliver Lunding
Oliver Lunding 19 saatler önce
You have to change your keybinds from auto-melee and make separate keybinds for charged and uncharged melee. I've heard you can still bind them both to the same button, and the game will always use your charged melee over your normal but i haven't tested this myself.
Kevin Salazar
Kevin Salazar 2 gün önce
What’s the first encounter for this raid?
Discord_Apex 2 gün önce
can you replace 1k voices with sleeper simulant? would that be a good replacement or just grind last wish?
Plunderthabooty 2 gün önce
For sure man! Weapons are whatever you want them to be 😊
James Pearson
James Pearson 2 gün önce
Only just found this. Nice build I never knew about 👍
Jinam Shah
Jinam Shah 3 gün önce
This one is fun
Travis Lee
Travis Lee 3 gün önce
Been running this with huckleberry with catalyst, 1-2 punch shotty and ascendancy, pretty much mops the floor
SnakyCarnival91 3 gün önce
hey do you seperate your melee ability key and your normal melee key