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Memento mori.
Unus annus.
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FDS Dynamo
FDS Dynamo 45 dakika önce
After Matpats analysis I can't watch this video with normal eyes anymore.
Ashlin Gunderson
Ashlin Gunderson 45 dakika önce
Ethan’s a great snapper
Jinx Redfox
Jinx Redfox 45 dakika önce
NathanTheMan 45 dakika önce
“Is this the mythical fuccboi?” It’s Heapass.
DaeTime Gaming
DaeTime Gaming 45 dakika önce
See you soon.
James C
James C 45 dakika önce
I understand this will all go away but i need a Unus Annus vid with Buzzfeed Unsolved when they do a supernatural episode
Lucif 46 dakika önce
lizardbreath 46 dakika önce
Watching this at 1.5x speed is an experience
Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee 46 dakika önce
Mark: *hear squeaky noise* “let’s go check it out.” Me: THAT HOW YOU DIE MARK!
Bison24 46 dakika önce
This is my game theory senses kicking off but from what I have in this investigation, there are three flashes of tiny white things, all above the end timer when it shows the Benjamin ketchup and the man in the window. they are quick but they go from left to right. One starts out closer to the timer and window, the other in the middle, and the last one near the top by Benjamin ketchup. I will add more once I see them. I haven't seen anyone post about his in the comments so I hope I am not late to the game.
spips 46 dakika önce
Ah yes, the best time to watch this. 1 am on a school night.
Devyn 46 dakika önce
Me watching mark not using the rods correctly just killed me inside because i kinda know my way of how it works bc i used to watch SnC not much tho
Kaleb Eden
Kaleb Eden 46 dakika önce
Next video they will milk a girl
Ajlez 46 dakika önce
When my cat was dying at home with me I read a lot online trying to find comfort and I read something that I became pretty convinced was true. That the soul of the deceased will stay around the body for about 3 days before departing. I've contemplated that with every death since, it may just be how humans feel about those that pass away, but I always felt like there was a change after that 3 day period.
EdWarden 47 dakika önce
Great video
Ryan McMurchie
Ryan McMurchie 47 dakika önce
The Audio before 8:40 sounded like a baby crying
AceioPlays 47 dakika önce
That stupid fishing mini game in stardew valley😡
lilex2000 47 dakika önce
That's some creepy shit at 6:35 - 36. Look in the doorway behind Ethan
Time Ticker
Time Ticker 47 dakika önce
My greatest fear is swimming in water that i cant see whats beneath me so ig i kinda relate
Heroboom562 47 dakika önce
Me: didnt watch for 1 week and it was 60 days left Also me: *theres 19 days left?!*
THUD Mitsoumi
THUD Mitsoumi 47 dakika önce
that's what you get for setting the difficulty to hard
MaG NITud3
MaG NITud3 47 dakika önce
19 days😭😭
Mimeko 47 dakika önce
I'm going to miss this channel so much I'm proud of you mark
MO BO 47 dakika önce
fuck this is scary and awsome
Kyoko Kirigiri
Kyoko Kirigiri 47 dakika önce
Summary Mark: takes care of mini unus which is anger baby Ethan: takes crog's limbs and says "Its fine! Its fine!"
RyderCraft 47 dakika önce
Now darkipliers here?
Charlie George
Charlie George 48 dakika önce
6:36 who the heck was that in the background over where the windows are!?
Nikilangilo plays
Nikilangilo plays 48 dakika önce
6:35 look behind ethan
Dev 48 dakika önce
Did anyone saw the eyes pop out of the back at 11:05
Peanutbutter Cookies
Peanutbutter Cookies 48 dakika önce
This video is the best, IMO
GinJuice_art 48 dakika önce
Finally, *normal* walkie talkies
Doll ika
Doll ika 48 dakika önce
This was genuinely terrifying.
Reid 48 dakika önce
BananaPhone423 48 dakika önce
Omg I love ceramic work but all the things they did were so wrong. Like worse than beginners skills bad, lmao atleast they got a studio to work on their craft. Ceramic work is an amazing thing to get into!
Mychael Magnuson
Mychael Magnuson 48 dakika önce
I know its not real and all staged but still terrified me, definitely should not have watched this at this time lmao
KayleeKakes 49 dakika önce
Cheese and crackers I wasn’t expecting that ending! It’s scared the crap out of me!
Just A guy
Just A guy 49 dakika önce
Im gonna talk ghost now
Just A guy
Just A guy 48 dakika önce
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
Just A guy
Just A guy 48 dakika önce
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
Just A guy
Just A guy 48 dakika önce
Just A guy
Just A guy 48 dakika önce
Just A guy
Just A guy 48 dakika önce
Funda Panda
Funda Panda 49 dakika önce
For the last day they should do a video of Darkiplier and Blankgameplays in an epic battle.
Christian Anglesey
Christian Anglesey 49 dakika önce
Could be something completely explainable...... or it could be ghosts.
Patrick Tran
Patrick Tran 49 dakika önce
so uh, anyone gonna talk about 6:36
Felicity Dawn
Felicity Dawn 49 dakika önce
Not all images that stay with you have to be cursed. If I could choose a picture, honestly more of a moment, that I could choose to have ingrained in my head for the rest of my life, one of the contenders would be my boyfriend singing Teenagers by MCR to me, going "Maybe they'll leave you alone, but NOT ME." It made a really, really shitty day immensely better just knowing that somebody would never leave me alone, to deal with it myself.
Lana Ross
Lana Ross 49 dakika önce
someone needs to make an amy side comment compilation. she’s hilarious
Logan Stevens
Logan Stevens 49 dakika önce
Jump scare actually scared the living shit out of me lmao
bryce huelly
bryce huelly 50 dakika önce
I just had a brain think.... Mark kinda is like a John wick with a lower IQ.
nataliebarrett 50 dakika önce
as a witch i got excited when ethan pulled out a pendulum
vinessa sanford
vinessa sanford 50 dakika önce
Amy is 99% of their impulse control
lil_ Dewey
lil_ Dewey 50 dakika önce
TheExposedLemon 50 dakika önce
Yo who was piper cause they were warning mark about Ethan
NickleMyTipples 50 dakika önce
ArcticPhantom 50 dakika önce
Are we not going to talk about the new into and outro
JJ _Kingofbread
JJ _Kingofbread 50 dakika önce
that last part was really good , scared me half to death XD
sophie eis chaei
sophie eis chaei 50 dakika önce
the intro animation!!! so good
Devyn 50 dakika önce
Me watching mark not using the rods correctly just killed me inside because i kinda know my way of how it works because i watch SnC
Brandon Alban
Brandon Alban 50 dakika önce
The ending was legitimately scary nice job guys👍🏽
Delcy Copreros Del Rosario
*Blank appears* Me: *jumps a bit* Mark: *gets dragged off* Me: *PANIK* WHERE YOU TAKING OUR ANNUS *Something appears on Ethan's heat monitor* Me: *scared for Ethan* Me: *realises that Mark said something would hurt him* Me: *PANIK* PLEASE DONT HURT OUR UNUS I love these to Bois.
Delia Light
Delia Light 50 dakika önce
haaaaaa dont like that
Chrono Soul
Chrono Soul 50 dakika önce
As cool as this was with all the editing, it would be really interesting to see them actually do a real lockdown for evidence in a known haunted location, taking it seriously instead of the added improv skits like when they did the ghost hunt with that lady month ago.
420DankMemes Boi!
420DankMemes Boi! 51 dakika önce
I cant believe how far weve come
Jigoku 51 dakika önce
Congratulations guys, you made a better horror short film than most of these horror movies that have been coming out
Adi 51 dakika önce
you can hear mark walking really fast when the camera pans away from him 15:55
sherline Aguilar
sherline Aguilar 51 dakika önce
This is like my 8th time watching this I just can’t stop😂
NekoJCat 51 dakika önce
:! NOTE: THIS IS PROBABLLY NOT SAFE TO TRY!: DON'T DO IT. At one point I spent like an hour underwater or more in a pool at a hotel. I'm talking, I don't know if I was supposed to even get in yet, but I did because" whatever if they say anything ill get out". After some just chilling, getting used to the temp, goofing around and floating, and short sessions of breath holding. and occasionally getting in the hot tub to warm up a little if I got to cold. I decided, Best method is either purge lungs fill lungs while I float on surface OR purge lungs relax lay on the bottom. I felt like being at the surface was hindering my ability to keep myself down, and trying to keep myself low with high air used up a lot of "my time/energy for staying under" (that's a direct translation of my thoughts at the time), While no air intake (Of which I stayed much more aware and cautious of being under, because I need oxygen) was giving me the same limit before I felt my body start to "breath lungs d**it" every time. after facing this dilemma for a awhile, I had an idea. I could hook my arms (around) to the ladder in the deep end to keep me lower. I had some thoughts about if, when, what if. and decided yes, I will do this. just as long as I could be calm and not panic and die. basically if I started to feel like "I NEED AIR NOW" was inevitable, I would get out while I was still calm. I began. I purged lungs, filled lungs, and pulled myself to a sitting position just above the bottom. I did this more than once, because I no want drown thank you. At some point I was like, two more tries and I am done. I relaxed a little went down, and died..... yep I was DEAD NO I didn't die! I was really calm, like meditation for an hour calm, (I had NEVER meditated before, that happened years after) I was relaxed, it was very peaceful. I was not thinking, not at first anyway, I was just Floating there. And I rather enjoyed that peace and remember it clearly. at some point I just kinda opened my eyes, which stung at first, but I didn't keep them that way just from time to time. and around the same time I started to think, just about stuff, and I think I started daydreaming a few times, though it would be fleeting as I would feel my body ask to breath drawing me out of it. This always prompted me to make sure I could make to the surface, even going up two, on the ladder, at one point, and then back down sometime later, it was more comfortable down further. I Stayed down so long I heard a group come in, five or six, I did look, and it was blurry underwater, but I think it was actually four (I looked when I got out too I just don't remember.) I do remember one was a female voice and as far as I could tell if memory serves correctly, the rest were guys. Talking and laughing, and Lets go in the deep end. "OH no, they're gonna use my ladder" "about to think someone died down here" "that wont be cool" "just let me be in peace" "not this way" HERE my memory goes off a bit, one got in, one stepped on my head and freaked out. I HAVE NO IDEA IF I EVEN GAVE A SIGN OF LIFE. BUT I WAS _Really Calm_. After I waited, now in a head push down position, until I thought no one else was gonna try to come down, I kept calm and undid my arms, and kept calm and turned to face and go up the ladder, and oH KEEP CAAalm, climbed it fairly normally, short ladder. kept holding my breath until I got to my feet on solid ground. my body was fighting me at this point. When I was stood up, I let the water run off my face after running my hand over it, as not to breath water. AND I TOOK A DEEP BREATH. nice, is all that went through my head. and then I remembered the people around me. "I should go" I thought. When I was coming up the ladder I think one of them said something along the lines of What The ***k. then I walked out Calm as could be, and self conscious, like nothing ever happened. that's all I really remember. Thanks for reading if you got this far, I don't talk about this too much and it was a long time ago. I don't always give so much detail either.
Krissy 51 dakika önce
Holy shit bravo Mark for being able to do that first move at 9:00
George Athanasiou
George Athanasiou 51 dakika önce
I am the only one that noticed that they were trying to do all this things with jeans?
Pale Paws
Pale Paws 51 dakika önce
"unfortunately he was struck by lightning shortly after" legend
iris Valenzuela
iris Valenzuela 51 dakika önce
i spent a whole weekend making a spreadsheet on how long it will take me to watch every single unus annus video before the deadline...
Teigan Cole
Teigan Cole 51 dakika önce
6:36 The weird shadow in the window behind eef go brrr
sophie eis chaei
sophie eis chaei 52 dakika önce
at any given point in time mark and ethan are 3 seconds away from going FERAL
KB 16
KB 16 52 dakika önce
The genuine fear i felt when I saw ethan behind mark
Jasmine Sky
Jasmine Sky 52 dakika önce
I didn't hear it say Ethan I heard "piper"
Ashleigh Corwin
Ashleigh Corwin 52 dakika önce
Ethan: "How long do you think we'll be like this" Me: *Nervous laughing in October*
Tali Leonard
Tali Leonard 52 dakika önce
*peta disliked this video*
Eli Milleman
Eli Milleman 52 dakika önce
Give me my shaver ice pee my fucking god Mark
Jason Myneni
Jason Myneni 52 dakika önce
This is the FITH FUNERAL that they have had on this channel
。•́〈•̀。 -
。•́〈•̀。 - 52 dakika önce
Im impressed there's no waves
Alley Cat
Alley Cat 52 dakika önce
We only get so much time best to try our best while we still have it
GamGazie 52 dakika önce
I mean it was sort of obvious that it was picking up the local radio when it said “Ethan” But other than that this was a very spooky video
Alley Cat
Alley Cat 52 dakika önce
Not sure if I spelled that right Sorry if I didn't
Nico Hart
Nico Hart 53 dakika önce
Cryptid Olympics or as others may call it: Chicka supervises her boys becoming puppos and is being a heckin proud.
Sooubway Boi
Sooubway Boi 53 dakika önce
Don't watch this at night it creeps u tf out