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Anandhan Balagopal
Anandhan Balagopal 3 dakika önce
Irresponsible leader
Firsta Nama
Firsta Nama 3 dakika önce
I look like I am laughing when I am really crying sometimes. I think it’s because of the facial expressions I make that I am not aware of. I am an “ugly” cryer. How do you control your facial expressions so when you are really crying it doesn’t look like laughter
Daphn 8 dakika önce
Daphn 9 dakika önce
Λίγο καλύτερα αύριο... Ε πώς να μην κουραστείς...
Virlania Sousa Silva
Virlania Sousa Silva 11 dakika önce
Nossa trabalho maravilhoso
A Little Of Everything
A Little Of Everything 13 dakika önce
You have some white hands
Gilren1 19 dakika önce
Hi, do you have to consider the used colours, fillers and bonding materials before restauration?
Nico-san xx
Nico-san xx 20 dakika önce
The reason why Bruce went after Dory and Merlin to begin with and into a frenzy though is because he (and his buddies) tried to live vegetarian for some time so he had probably been considerably starved. Just wanna mention that :3
DeadShizno 23 dakika önce
STD is a curse XD glad she shut down the first moment she saw it XD
Harsh Maliya
Harsh Maliya 23 dakika önce
Those guys trying to safe their country Huge respect for these people 🔥🔥🔥
CHARVESTER 28 dakika önce
"I'm working with the victims to help their phycological problems." Yeah, did you pay the money back?
Super striker
Super striker 35 dakika önce
kseniya pak
kseniya pak 39 dakika önce
well done! ☺just curious, how much does such kind of a restoration cost?
Fishy Salmon
Fishy Salmon 44 dakika önce
Whats this bs, bring rantoni
Abdulwadod Frank
Abdulwadod Frank 50 dakika önce
Islam forbids the burning of people I’m sure the imam had that knowledge. The question is who convinced you with the genucide of all palestinians?
Lane DiBartolo
Lane DiBartolo Saatler önce
Who else thinks we should get these "experts" to fight each other to the death and see who the real expert is ?
PeaxhDreamz TM
PeaxhDreamz TM Saatler önce
Forbidden Cotton Candy
Alberto ENG
Alberto ENG Saatler önce
This guy should have his own YT channel.
anguishedcarpet Saatler önce
talito med
talito med Saatler önce
Such an ignorant... Muslims protected Jews for 1000 years, and we are still protecting them (NOT THE ZIONISTS) in Tunisia, Morroco, Yemen, Iran, and other communities elsewhere! Maybe Netanyahu didn't learn about the golden age of the Jewish culture during the Umayyad Caliphate in Andalusia! Taking history lessons from Netanyahu is like, as we say in Tunisia: "Take knowledge from the heads of turtles" (i.e. learn knowledge and science from the ignorant).
Dj jam
Dj jam Saatler önce
Have you or anyone on your team ever removed yourself from an individual principle's protection because either their behavior or the people around them have behaved in such a manner as to severely restrict your ability to protect them as per your contract?
Mohammed Adham
Mohammed Adham Saatler önce
His expressions are more funnier than his speech.
Lumyre Saatler önce
it is because cunsumerist exploitation and greed
spazzy MacGee
spazzy MacGee Saatler önce
The parachute reg was a bunch of civilian murdering invading scumbags who committed many war crimes, but you can't say that because they love being called war "heros" disgusting. The hypocrisy from Britain is stomach churning.
Icarus Saatler önce
Amazing craft indeed, but no more support for sandwich cakes.... 🇸🇪🤬
Jack Bills
Jack Bills Saatler önce
“If there is a general theme across the spectrum of global financial crises, it is that the excessive accumulation of debt, whether by governments, banks, businesses or consumers, often poses a risk more important than it seems during a boom.
Palmers Olga
Palmers Olga Saatler önce
@Tblaze Gutt Thanks for sharing, I just did a search for her on the internet and would say she really has an magnificent experience in investing. I will email him shortly.
Tblaze Gutt
Tblaze Gutt Saatler önce
@Richie Giggs My consultant is "KIMBERLY JEAN HEAVNER". In terms of portfolio diversity, he's a genius. You can look up his name on the internet and check it yourself. he has years of experience in the fiscal market.
Richie Giggs
Richie Giggs Saatler önce
@Tblaze Gutt How can I reach your advisor? because I am looking for a more effective investment approach. How good is this person at portfolio diversification, especially when it comes to digital assets?
Tblaze Gutt
Tblaze Gutt Saatler önce
I'm sure the idea of a coach might sound generic or controversial to a few, but new study by investopedia found that demand for portfolio-coaches sky-rocketed by over 41.8% since the pandemic and based on firsthand encounter, I can say for certain their skillsets are topnotch, I've raised over $400k from an initially stagnant reserve of $150K all within 14months
Dragon Jee
Dragon Jee Saatler önce
My main worry now is how do I generate more sales in a quantitative time frame? I can't afford to see it, my savings crumble into dust.
w k
w k Saatler önce
Bruh nobody’s phone is actually this dirty this is more of a restoring project
Lau Peter
Lau Peter 2 saatler önce
It’s not that expensive if you bothered to spend a lot more money on an air ticket into Kathmandu yourself to buy one 😂