Forever Self Employed
Forever Self Employed
Forever Self Employed
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Would You Try This Tool?
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Best Odd Jobs
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Free money
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Should I Scale?
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Would You Try This?
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Andrew Leidner
Andrew Leidner 11 dakika önce
How did you get your first true seal coating truck?
Nick Romero
Nick Romero 12 dakika önce
Sounds like the Lorax
Brandy Adams
Brandy Adams 13 dakika önce
My boyfriend had them clean the other shoe then walked away 🤣
Sgt Jitters
Sgt Jitters 27 dakika önce
People need to start having indigenous lawns, we need to reform our water table as a society in these smaller cities
Jacktheprepper 27 dakika önce
I think most people just want their grass cut, its not rocket science.
Alan Bosco
Alan Bosco 33 dakika önce
water shortages in first world countries what a joke lol
nick_ sometin
nick_ sometin 42 dakika önce
I let them clean my shoes then i leave 😸
10TO1 55 dakika önce
Just a pride thing? Always take pride in your work
Frodo Baggins
Frodo Baggins 58 dakika önce
Why would anyone agree to get only one of the shoes clean?
HardMask Saatler önce
Gonna be weird when they cut their grass.
itsDARKO Saatler önce
Them Air Force ones are fake *^
GhostOfDamned Saatler önce
Dont complain, at least its cut and doesn't look like a field
Jordan Sutton
Jordan Sutton Saatler önce
Kevin probably thinks haircuts are 3 dollars too. If it's that simple do it yourselfbbb
Truth Inside
Truth Inside Saatler önce
Comes back and the dogs can't even move
Random guy
Random guy Saatler önce
So is illegal to water some grass but totally acceptable to use toxic paint on the ground????......
Aura Volt
Aura Volt 2 saatler önce
What’s the best average pressure washer company or model
Maple Alm
Maple Alm 2 saatler önce
Just get rid of useless ugly lawns. It’s just a hold over of the bourgeoisie
hardwire 2 saatler önce
bad idea my brother started his mowing business in highschool by the time he went to Texas A&M he paid his tuition with all the yards he mowed after if he had to many to mow like it got in the way of his school he would sell the excess off to other services.
John Miller
John Miller 2 saatler önce
99% of people don't even look at their grass. Yet alone, look at the lines.
S S 3 saatler önce
I will walk out every time with just 1 shoe clean
America First
America First 3 saatler önce
My dog would knock the cone over
Skane Khunt 42
Skane Khunt 42 3 saatler önce
Lol you’re asking this DUMBASS TOOL how to get people to like you? Oooof. Bad idea. This dude is stooping to the lowest form of YT videos, why would you EVER consider anything this bum has to say. Next!!!!
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson 3 saatler önce
dam if u have time to complain over something like that ur a miserable person
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 4 saatler önce
So we add another cost to cover up the fact that most of the Northern Californias and the Southwest water is wasted in LA and Sold to bottling companies in Las Vegas! We the People are Stupid!
DarkerThanBlack 4 saatler önce
How stupid🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Blooregard Q kazoo
Blooregard Q kazoo 4 saatler önce
The lorax warned us all......but we didn't listen (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧
Silent 5 saatler önce
Ah yes, paint the grass so it dies even faster. Genius idea.
gaunter o' dim
gaunter o' dim 5 saatler önce