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Seahawkfan1108 33 saniye önce
I'm loyal to DIO-SAMA despite all the odds that stack against him, my fellow JoJo fans....LEND DIO-SAMA YOUR ENERGY!!!! 💚🕜 🙌
hades the unstoppable
hades the unstoppable 42 saniye önce
Anyone know the name for there intro music?
C.D. Basco Channel Gaming
Try making kenshin vs yoichi from samurai harem
FuriousGLMK Dakika önce
If Dio Wins: You thought that the first JoJo W would be a JoJo, BUT IT WAS I, DIO!!!
Jod Augustin
Jod Augustin Dakika önce
RIP Kurama
Gamingguy Scott
Gamingguy Scott Dakika önce
U only tell lies on this channel
Endermans 3 dakika önce
Remember guys, goku beats superman, flash beats goku, and superman beats flash I guess
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 5 dakika önce
If I don’t win it’s rigged
Grinn Warwick
Grinn Warwick 5 dakika önce
well, this is dark. both literally and metaphorically
yes I'm not creative
yes I'm not creative 6 dakika önce
I have a feeling so many people are going to be pissed off depending on the victor (I'm betting its Dio) because if Alucard loses, many people are going to jump the gun and say that his regeneration makes him basically invincible and only rely on that ability then bring up nothing else and if Dio loses, people that actually do vs debating will fight tooth and nail that the winner was wrong because their favorite character lost and not enjoy anything else about the episode
TriMega12 9 dakika önce
how did link get more items to use then batman
waksterboi 10 dakika önce
As much as I love DIO, hands down Alucard claps his ass cheeks before DIO can say Za Warudo. Not even fair unless they put in the Over Heaven version. I love both of them though so yeah
Jiganto the super saiyan shinobi
I can’t wait to see alucard approaching dio
Viper 1985
Viper 1985 12 dakika önce
He punches him so hard he turned him into a juke box 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
David ryan
David ryan 12 dakika önce
Oof I stan JoJo's All Day Everyday... but rip DIO
YouBetterNotYes? 14 dakika önce
wasnt this already made? on screw attack i mean?
Snowy 14 dakika önce
first super smash flash, no2 super smash bros
Luke Bragg
Luke Bragg 14 dakika önce
While I admire your adherence to logic and admit this is a reasonable conclusion I don't believe it was the most reasonable or...You know what, Steven hasn't got it all figured out and I do think of him as more valuable of a medic than a fighter but this feels and seems wrong on several levels to me. Not even a hint of Pink taking him over outright or turning into a kaju or doing any of the things that the show proper doesn't elaborate on (much) and could have altered this outcome...Well with the info available I think you did well I just don't like this result, and who knows the possibilities I refer to may not alter her universe destruction capabilities in your opinion, I rate his potential higher than this but we can agree to disagree.
Luxai 15 dakika önce
Just getting that close to victory seems generous tbh. Anyways, always fun to see the batman fans get wrecked, lol. Many years have passed since Batman got destroyed by Spidey and watching the "but Batman always wins because he alwaus has a plan" get salty doesn't lose its appeal <3
Grimm fate
Grimm fate 16 dakika önce
When alucard lets out his army of souls Rio is pretty will and truly fuzzed
JT DeVera
JT DeVera 17 dakika önce
I want Dio to win solely for them to say "You thought alucard was gonna win, But it was I Dio!
Shamey boi Smith
Shamey boi Smith 18 dakika önce
2 mass homicidal vampires walk into a bar
Matthew Anforth
Matthew Anforth 18 dakika önce
Apocalypse is know to be a universe destroyer and black Adam is known for help to destroy a league justice and I'll repeat it he helped, you truly and I mean truly shafted apocalypse in this episode of Dbx I call for a redo as everyone knows black Adam would be dead by the end of it
Shamey boi Smith
Shamey boi Smith 18 dakika önce
POV alucard flipped you off
Retro 19 dakika önce
If dio dosent have His over heaven form his done But who knows they could rigged the form like with the hell bat suit
Dart Devious
Dart Devious 20 dakika önce
Did they get Taka????
Bruno Travassos
Bruno Travassos 20 dakika önce
The only two scenarios I see a DIO victory are: - He keeps drinking Alucard's blood as he hurts him and Allie runs out of lives; - they actually consider The World Over Heaven as canon. (and even so, Jotaro beat him with regular Star Platinum).
Adrian Banks
Adrian Banks Dakika önce
It wasn't really a regular Star Platinum, from the fight it basically shown that Jotaro already got The World Over Heaven's abilities, and Jotaro overwrote his wounds, thus basically making Star Platinum Over Heaven a thing, although I'm a little disappointed at the fact that Star Platinum didn't get a appearance change.
Odyssey Mario
Odyssey Mario 21 dakika önce
Odyssey Mario
Odyssey Mario 3 dakika önce
@Sabaiba ikari no
Sabaiba ikari
Sabaiba ikari 7 dakika önce
Hymarz 21 dakika önce
just imagine... dio wins.
Juan Diego Villamil
Juan Diego Villamil 22 dakika önce
Marsmallow man vs rowan the destroyer (ghostbusters 1984 vs ghostbusters 2016)
My Deadly Adventure Descanor joestar
Wait did they said no sound effects are they joking?
God King Troy Calypso
God King Troy Calypso 9 dakika önce
Chill out, it will have sound effects in the full episode
Jo Ka
Jo Ka 23 dakika önce
2 years later 10/25/21 Death Battle cometh
Pierre Jordan Ong
Pierre Jordan Ong 23 dakika önce
Cena vs drax
Bruno Travassos
Bruno Travassos 23 dakika önce
Now that the turkey is basted... WE NOW PROCEED TO HAVE SEX WITH IT.
Sean Sheard
Sean Sheard 27 dakika önce
the main man couldn't face his demons with that penance stare
Muller de Arruda
Muller de Arruda 29 dakika önce
Was kingdom hearts created by Nintendo or Disney?
Carter Cipher
Carter Cipher 30 dakika önce
Yeah they are definitely not putting a Demi god against some innocent Pokémon
Sam Goriyel
Sam Goriyel 30 dakika önce
Is marvel really making a world war hulk movie?
Amir Ross
Amir Ross 30 dakika önce
Can you do silver surfer, idc who you put him against
Melfice Skye
Melfice Skye 12 dakika önce
the one he fights will most likely be be Doctor Manhattan.
Shiny Blaze Staples
Shiny Blaze Staples 32 dakika önce
All DIO has to do is remember those 14 phrases
kiwirequiem 32 dakika önce
they gotta be running out of ideas
Edward Haas
Edward Haas 33 dakika önce
Now do Kool aid man vs Goku.
Dabi Hycinthum Inferno
Dabi Hycinthum Inferno 34 dakika önce
I bet my dream cast that Alucard wins.
Cesar Funes
Cesar Funes 36 dakika önce
I think that Alucard wouldve been better off fighting Dracula or Alucard from the Castlevania series instead of DIO. I love JOJO, but Alucard has so many hax up his arsenal that I dont think he has a shot at winning this.
Jaymes Meister
Jaymes Meister 36 dakika önce
I already know DIO is going to lose, but this will still be an awesome fight nonetheless
ZKing Militia
ZKing Militia 36 dakika önce
Ben vs Hal:Anime Edition let's go
MisterZygarde64 37 dakika önce
While I feel Alucard would win, I do think Dio may have the means to at least give him an iota of trouble. Also bring back Bowser and give him a better episode than when he fought Ganondorf.
Just_call Me_husa
Just_call Me_husa 38 dakika önce
Dio: who!!!!!??!!! Alicard: THE REAL FU*KING VAMPIREEEE!!!!
Baron Tamago Gaming
Baron Tamago Gaming 39 dakika önce
.......Meh.... Alucard for this one , he is immortalm
Jack Mahoney
Jack Mahoney 40 dakika önce
I suggest Ogami Rei vs Rin Okumura. Black haired anime swordsman who use blue fire.
PhantomLink022 41 dakika önce
Link: *Uses his entire arsenal of bombs, arrows, masks capable of giving him god powers and even the triforce itself (also formed by the gods).* Cloud: Haha, Omnislash V5 go brrrrr
Corwyn Rutan
Corwyn Rutan 42 dakika önce
Last time on DBX Alucard just won the battle against Dio because this time on death battle he needs a rematch and this death battle is sponsored by demon slayer the video game available on steam Xbox PlayStation Consol franchise and Nintendo switch anywhere you play talk about K.O right Available now on GameStop now back to the program
pikablu02 42 dakika önce
You should make a continuation of this sora and link VS dark link and heartless
Albertus Aswin
Albertus Aswin 43 dakika önce
From DB X to real DB. Good good.
Robin 44 dakika önce
We really are going to get a Ben vs Hal 2 when Alucard loses, huh?
Esteban 41 dakika önce
That is the most likely series of events, yes.
Anthus Garcia
Anthus Garcia 44 dakika önce
Omg here we go again this is not even a Challenge Alucard will kill the poor guy 🤦🏻‍♂️
Kemar Williams
Kemar Williams 44 dakika önce
If this isn’t abridged alucard keep it
Kenneth Shipman
Kenneth Shipman 15 dakika önce
It is dude taka is coming back
Enrico Abesamis
Enrico Abesamis 45 dakika önce
Dio: has a stand that can stop time and move through the speed of light Alucard: GUN
Revolver Ocelot
Revolver Ocelot 45 dakika önce
Bruh alucard would win. A better match up would be alucard versus spawn
TreyDaGoat !
TreyDaGoat ! 45 dakika önce
I know the episode isn’t even out yet but can I just say the fact the track name is “Hell over Heaven” is just perfect
TreyDaGoat !
TreyDaGoat ! 38 dakika önce
@Esteban Dude that sounds sick too (wtf why does this MU have such amazing track name ideas)
Esteban 40 dakika önce
I agree. I was hoping for "The World Sings of Hell", but this is also dope. Can't wait for the full track.
Mathew Weiss
Mathew Weiss 47 dakika önce
Shezow Vs wordgirl
Franklin Brown
Franklin Brown 47 dakika önce
53:06 Goku didn't power thru timestop he predicted where Hit was gonna be.
Mathew Weiss
Mathew Weiss 48 dakika önce
SheZow Vs wordgirl
Selever 48 dakika önce
Alucard solos the verse
CGF_Ghost 48 dakika önce
Lesssssssssssssssssss Gooooooo
William Bai
William Bai 49 dakika önce
Dio has to kill alucard millions of times to really kill him
Luca Luca
Luca Luca 49 dakika önce
I was sure this was already been done...
Aragami 50 dakika önce
my big issue with this is that wizz and boomstick took abilites from multiple godzillas and not just one iteration of godzilla
Akeem Raymonvil
Akeem Raymonvil 51 dakika önce
Everyone know that Alucard is the winner hands down
Martial Artist92
Martial Artist92 51 dakika önce
YES!! It’s about goddamn time!!
Joshie Washie
Joshie Washie 52 dakika önce
The music 🔥
LegendofLoki665i 54 dakika önce
I'm not very much versed in either source material (webcomics), but from what I've seen in anime, Mob doesn't go for a kill on his human opponents. The same was shown here. It's why he lost.
*honk* 54 dakika önce
Can’t wait for the one moment in DB where dio one shots alucard for a solid 20 seconds using 999,999,999 souls
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia 55 dakika önce
Where’s Michael McDoesn’texist when you need him?
Quak toons
Quak toons 55 dakika önce
Dio is so dead. He couldn't even beat a cool high schooler named Jotaro, he certainly can't beat the prince of hell
PE Player 33
PE Player 33 56 dakika önce
funny how the Venom movie came out the very next year.
Essential And The Cable
Essential And The Cable 57 dakika önce
What is the song called 2:40 - 3:17
Your Drow Slimeologist
Your Drow Slimeologist 58 dakika önce
Did you doubt him Mister Wiz?