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For most of us, our average day is an experience unlike any other in human history. The world we interact with and engage with is a culmination of millennia of curiosity, probing and discovery. The story of how we got here, the layers of seeking and exploration; that are too often displaced as a triviality of life, is a massive part of the human story.

New Mind is a celebration of that journey; the telling of slivers of that human story. Each composition is a careful telling of a slice of our technological world, exploring not just the “how it works” but the evolution of the why - the series of historical events that made it this way.
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Rich M
Rich M 10 saatler önce
Pretty cool research and great video but it seems to me this is going to be really challenging to make something practical that can cover a large bandwidth just like anti-reflective coatings on optics have a limited bandwidth. If you can't make the meta material work at all frequencies, then the counter measure is to have radars and lidars that are either chirped or cover different spectrum's. And with the new emerging technology of frequency combs, the meta materials might already be behind.
Unchained 11 saatler önce
What is the name of the music playing in the background called?
ReiffMurdaSquad Gotti
ReiffMurdaSquad Gotti 14 saatler önce
What really worries me is the balloon that our government let China fly over us and how many probably went unnoticed. China is planning to attack us and remove America from the map. They already compromised Biden. No one is talking about the land that was purchased all around that major U.S. military base thats owned by a chinese American with no real reason or plans for development. They are gonna hit us at all major points in one go.
David Putt
David Putt 20 saatler önce
If they can do that with microwaves does that mean they'll be able to shift the tech to visible light spectrum?
Agri Tech
Agri Tech Gün önce
Great video but when promoting Brilliant, it might be a better idea to give examples more appropriate to your audience which i guess in this video would be engineer type people 👍
GeoFry3 Gün önce
Compressed air is a great idea for niche applications. No ignition source. Cheap materials. No pollution. Easy "fuel" to gather and store. Free air conditioning.
Benjamin McReynolds
I love the evolution of material science. It's giving us a greater insight into our surroundings and our environment. Nature, physics, chemistry. It's fascinating.
Not Sanctioned
Not Sanctioned Gün önce
I`m too terrified to watch this video.
Darren Gün önce
There's currently a company, Meta Materials Inc. They hold hundreds of patents in regards to metamaterials and have some pretty crazy tech that will be coming out in the next 5-10 years.
FlorinSutu Gün önce
I was a big fan of vehicles powered by compressed air and for a distribution network dedicated to them, until I learned that obtaining compressed air is a process with 10 percent efficiency. In other words, you lose 90 percent of the energy involved in obtaining that compressed air.
Thomas Slone
Thomas Slone Gün önce
what can this do for microscopes
Van Darkholme
Van Darkholme 2 gün önce
for ppl thinking about optical and gamma ray meta material, you'll need structures about as large as the wavelength to work. For microwave it's easy to make cm or mm sized coils embedded in transparent material, but for light you need sub um sized structure, and for gamma rays smaller. These are hard enough to do in large scales on surfaces (think integrated circuits) At some point it'll need to be smaller than molecules.
Mario Ramirez
Mario Ramirez 2 gün önce
Viruses enters through the eyes too, so stop this nonsense
Fongang Amassana
Fongang Amassana 2 gün önce
I can’t stop imagining “what if we can build a meta material capable of completely deflecting Gamma radiation !”. It would make protecting people and objects from the most dangerous forms of radiation much easier
wan7ucxOqSUBryTgfpBr7777 9 saatler önce
Hulk will not like your idea
Menno van Lavieren
It all depend upon creating stable structures smaller than the wavelength you're trying to manipulate. And there is the problem: the wavelength is smaller than a single hydrogen atom.
Kj16V 2 gün önce
Here's a (slightly) interesting fact. ABS is actually German, meaning "Antiblockiersystem." The English phrase: "Anti Lock Braking" is just a nicely fitting backronym!
J PR 2 gün önce
This is fascinating stuff - literally magic in RL Looking back at the TV show “Person of Interest”…is based upon the evolution of this technology
fidelio 2 gün önce
wonder if half wavelength uv superlensing could be used in chip fab, or if euv tech is already beyond its usefulness.
terry rastetter
terry rastetter 2 gün önce
dude fix your video, the roots blower is turning backwards per your direction of flow.
Keith Rosenberg
Keith Rosenberg 2 gün önce
Compressed air It is not "revolutionary".
Jason Williams
Jason Williams 2 gün önce
Title should be the history of meta-materials.
Truck_u_2 2 gün önce
I'm more of a Hydrogen Compression Ignition Engine person when it comes to heavy duty stuff like pickups or semis, but for commuting or just going for a short cruise I can actually see air powered cars doing quite well. Especially if it's a short distance to and from work or a run to the grocery store.
Thomas Corbett
Thomas Corbett 2 gün önce
The Liquid Piston engine is far superior .
Sander Van der Kammen
BEWARE OF LIQUIDPISTON, It is not a legitimate company and is a notorious vaporware investment scam.
James Barclay
James Barclay 2 gün önce
Meta material stealth for visible light will almost certainly be too difficult to get working. Maybe they’ll work in environments where all the light is of a single wavelength (e.g. infrared spotlights at night), and it might even be possible to spoof thermal cameras, but there’s almost a factor of two across the visible spectrum. Just like with anti-reflective coatings, you need to stack them to cover the whole visible spectrum, and that’s a simple case where light is just reflected. To have meta material stealth working on both red and blue light, you’ll need seperate lenses, and to somehow prevent the red lens from bending blue light and vice-versa. You also need to keep the structure extremely rigid, the thermal expansion of a jet aircraft will change the outside by millions of wavelengths which I suspect will also impact stealth. But targeting specific radar bands, that’s definitely possible.
Alen 14 saatler önce
​@Marc Alvarezjust having a cloaking dome would be impressive
Marc Alvarez
Marc Alvarez Gün önce
"Man will never fly"
Andrew Reynolds
Andrew Reynolds 2 gün önce
If meta materials can do it with microwaves can it also do it with radio waves? Just making sure.
Andrew Reynolds
Andrew Reynolds Gün önce
@Menno van Lavieren link if you could please
Menno van Lavieren
Yes, just make it bigger. Search for example: Log-periodic antenna.
Andrew Reynolds
Andrew Reynolds 2 gün önce
Real engineering also did a vid on the F35 which shown some things about stealth i never knew until the day it came out
N J 2 gün önce
3:36 I bet Winston E. Kock didn't have a fun time in school 😅 Uninteresting fact: "kock" is also the Swedish word for chef.
Graham Bennett
Graham Bennett 2 gün önce
No. Not while we still have portable missile launchers. SMRs or portable weapons will have to go. Which one?
GSEstream 2 gün önce
drive on h2so4 electroplating batteries, any electroplating metal, as metal-air battery, carbon rod-felt electrodes, recharging the sulfate to metal and h2so4, like znso4/h2so4 and zn+o2, yes rechargeable zinc-air battery, the only downside is some amount of self-discharge because of zn+h2so4 -> zno2 + h2, but either the electrolyte can be removed when not in use or use some other electroplateable metal that will not react fast/at-all with h2so4, like tin. also if you dont want/need to recharge, then baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) water will work for iron, zinc, aluminium, tin, as single use, or single recharge, with silver plate as the air-electrode.
obi-wan kenobi
obi-wan kenobi 2 gün önce
russia BS propaganda
1.5x playback everything - thank me later
Giving Ben from applied science few years to tackle this x)
Miguel Morales
Miguel Morales 2 gün önce
Very educational
12time12 2 gün önce
Metamaterials for propulsion is where things get interesting.
Nahome Tesfay
Nahome Tesfay Gün önce
@12time12 are they some kind of acoustic meta material that direct the thrust more compactly than existing nozzles and bells?
12time12 Gün önce
@Nahome Tesfay there’s different possibilities, but to start NASA has been testing metamaterials to replace large thrusters and current ion engines used on deep space missions.
Nahome Tesfay
Nahome Tesfay Gün önce
Care to elaborate?
Vikram Gokhale
Vikram Gokhale 2 gün önce
Robert Bosch was the pioneer of the fuel pump, Einspritz, in 1927 😁
Hawks 3 gün önce
And this is the stuff they let us know about
Thomas Slone
Thomas Slone Gün önce
what I would do is create dozens of fake leaks on technologies we aren't actually using and fake ones to drown out potential leaks of ones we are, if there's 30 different fake leaks of a next gen fighter how would you know if one was real
Geoffry Gifari
Geoffry Gifari 3 gün önce
I imagine by extending the inner workings of structural color in living organism (like butterfly wing), visible frequency metamaterial will eventually be achieved
Bradley Mackereth
Bradley Mackereth 2 gün önce
Do you mean like Lexus's structural blue paint? Thats been a thing since 2018
Geoffry Gifari
Geoffry Gifari 3 gün önce
So far, do metamaterials work passively or can they exhibit wackier properties if they consume power?
movement2contact 3 gün önce
10:07 Scary interesting... 😏
Andreas Fragmichselbst
Surprised that this High Tech people don't work in the Area51...or other secret UFO Place 🤔🤔
Domyras 3 gün önce
12:00 ngl, kinda blew my mind we're at the point where we our scientists are basically bug-testers & speedrunners trying to glitch out the engine.
eSKAone 2 gün önce
Very good analogy of science itself. Because we as humans will never be able to see truth. We're glitch hunters, it's all about the outcome not about truth. I like that analogy 💟🌌☮️
*too 2 gün önce
Science is glitch-hunting.. I like that.
T A Z 3 gün önce
holly crap!!!
Stephen White
Stephen White 3 gün önce
What about the future of detectors? Could a gravity detector exist? In order to defeat it you would need to invent antigravity, which would defy general relativity.
Anders Juel Jensen
Anders Juel Jensen 12 saatler önce
We do have gravity detectors. LIGO and VIRGO. The problem with creating a gravity detector that can identify the mass of, say, an enemy aircraft at any usable range is that the gravity field around us is quadrillions of times stronger than the thing we're trying to detect. It's kind of like wanting to detect x-rays, that are not part of the sun's radiation, on the surface of the sun.
boredjosh 3 gün önce
I don't know Jack on if it'd be possible. But I do know we already have detailed gravity maps of the earths surface. I would imagine if youd try to detect something man made, a 50 ton jet for example, it'd be a significant problem to filter out all of the much more heavy naturally occuring things (atmosphere, planets, the moon, ocean, etc.)
Chen Gong
Chen Gong 3 gün önce
Meta materials is just like fusion, forever a few decades away.
pyropulse Gün önce
@SBfusion also already exists too they’ve been able to do it for decades. There are even fusion reactors you can build in your garage Doesn’t mean it will be commercial
SB 2 gün önce
No Lol There's already a bunch of metamaterials with practical use Not cost effective yet but it'll get there eventually And also there's a lot of metamaterial components in a computer chip
Chen Gong
Chen Gong 2 gün önce
@Gregor Kikelj no, they arent
Gregor Kikelj
Gregor Kikelj 2 gün önce
Why? Aren't CPUs metamaterials?
Mark Ferrer
Mark Ferrer 3 gün önce
What about a using a cylinder as an apex seal? It would simply roll around instead of directly scratching up the insides. As for incomplete combustion, what if a two rotor design is used and the exhaust from the first rotor is fed into the second as the intake to be combusted there?
Sander Van der Kammen
How would that make the combustion better?
Sander Van der Kammen
How would it form a gas-tight seal????
Got Milk?
Got Milk? 3 gün önce
Military : spends all their time and money on this and burning oil. Climate change: kills everyone. Lol what brave defenders, get bent.
Mark Rix
Mark Rix 3 gün önce
Why can't that air motor be converted to a combustion engine if its so great?
Chainsaw FPV
Chainsaw FPV 3 gün önce
The future of stealth will be when a 85 million dollar aircraft flies by itself after the pilot ejects. O wait.... That happened already.......
Oelia Moya
Oelia Moya 22 saatler önce
​@staticpurgeStealth was a terrible movie. Not even her gratuitous bathing suit scene was enough to save that movie. Don't want it, again Hal. I can't let you do that
sudokode Gün önce
@staticpurge yeahhh an advanced fighter goes missing and everyone's out looking for it. It's killing me though. It's on the tip of my tongue
staticpurge Gün önce
@sudokodeis it that movie with Jessica Biel, maybe Jamie Foxx? I can’t put my finger on the name, I know it’s a quick search but I want to figure it out for myself.
iTeerRex 2 gün önce
Not only that but also don’t be surprised if it teleported to Eastern Europe.
Andrew Reynolds
Andrew Reynolds 2 gün önce
@David Rivas it didn't have it's radar things on it when it crashed their kinda like a radar blip thing god I know what it is I forgot the name their used to make the ship's radar signature larger
circusitch 3 gün önce
The guy that made this video uses stealth all the time. That’s why you never see him.
Emman 😈💯
Emman 😈💯 3 gün önce
Robert Ridley
Robert Ridley 3 gün önce
I was looking forward to this, but couldn't see a damn thing
puckay 3 gün önce
Oh the irony of the title. Very interesting though.
puckay 2 gün önce
@Emman 😈💯Title says "future", talks about the past.
Emman 😈💯
Emman 😈💯 3 gün önce
Why? lol
Red Minute
Red Minute 3 gün önce
Well... regarding the F-35, maybe we should start by... mhmmm... I dunno... MAKING IT FLYABLE without the risk of dying every time you take off?
Red Minute
Red Minute 2 gün önce
@12time12 Only the development program costed almost 420bn USD, that’s more than the ENTIRE GOVERNMENT BUDGET of all the countries on earth (safe for just 12 of them), of tax money given to a private corporation, that provided a product that’s sometimes exceptional, but mostly just decent 🤡... I’m sorry, but no matter how effective it is at disintegrating hospitals or schools in Yemen, it’s just not worth it…
12time12 2 gün önce
Friend, these are complicated machines built to fit standards of many countries, and there are different variants. This is why the US is going it alone for NGAD aside from possibly sharing some technology with key partners for their own jets, they learned their lesson with the F-35. The F-35 is still an amazing aircraft, let’s not forget F-22 pilots were passing out a decade ago. You don’t hear any of those problems anymore.
Olaf Gołąb
Olaf Gołąb 3 gün önce
@Red Minute F-35 numbers over a thousand planes, and has a single-digit number of crashes to date, as opposed to the F-16 which killed dozens of pilots in its development. (And look how awesome the F-16 turned out) The cost figure released by USAF was the estimated cost over the entire lifespan of the project, and with the F-35's focus on upgradeability and technology, it is meant to still be flying in the 2060's. Not to mention the fact that the F-35 has sensor fusion, data processing, comm link, flight laws, etc that are leagues ahead of those of any other combat jet aircraft, which makes it *the* most capable BVR fighter. And its aerobatic performance (partially due to the flight laws) allows it to go toe-to-toe with 4/4.5 gen aircraft in WVR (dogfights), despite its internal fuel load (for A and C) being equivalent to the empty weight of an F-16. (That is unless you artificially limit its performance to keep it below 6.5g, whereas it is designed for 9.5, and disable a lot of its key features, like in that test that spawned the myth that the F-35 can't dogfight)
Red Minute
Red Minute 3 gün önce
@Olaf Gołąb No, it's not. I'm not saying that the f-16 itself is a better plane (even though, the older aircraft has too many parameters that are just objectively better), what I'm saying is that that the development program is a joke, considering LM promises, how they meet (or often literally "crush with") reality, reliability issues, and not to mention the astronomical cost of it's development...
Matt Fleming
Matt Fleming 3 gün önce
Yeah it actually has a pretty damn good safety record compared to everything else.