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Alecia Lane
Alecia Lane 38 saniye önce
They forgot to mention Trump was predicted to die on Aug 27th of 2020 in the Simpons episode where Trump is President.
Biswajyoti Das
Biswajyoti Das 2 dakika önce
It's funny how the title say the rock got even more ripped....
Robert Chaffins
Robert Chaffins 3 dakika önce
And in other news, Christoffer Lee forces Ian McKellan to breakdance.
Brandon Hutsell
Brandon Hutsell 3 dakika önce
Lol 7 is my favorite number was number 7 in mini football and middle school lols
unretrofied619 5 dakika önce
BvS doesn't necessarily mean a fight..it could just be two different/conflicting ideologies/approaches throughout the movie!
Kevin Parrish
Kevin Parrish 5 dakika önce
Finally! Thank you showing the truth.
Dylan Townsend
Dylan Townsend 8 dakika önce
I'm honestly surprised they haven't done Jojo yet
WizardLizard Art And Mythical Gamer
This us amazing!
Fregeta Farhan
Fregeta Farhan 11 dakika önce
A18 is stronger than Cabba and Caulifla She defeated Vegeta ss1 Trunks Ss1 .tien piccolo gohan Single 😌
Ckinggaming 2.cking
Ckinggaming 2.cking 11 dakika önce
/kill @e[type=ripoff]
Abe The Spiderman Gaming Flores
If a zombie apocalypse happens in the future and the simpsons predict them.. GAMERS..... Assemble (Avengers Endgame reference)
Bradon Grisham
Bradon Grisham 14 dakika önce
I didn't need that at 2:20
unretrofied619 14 dakika önce
They just ensured the public's attachment to those characters!
Art Solano
Art Solano 15 dakika önce
The problem with Thor is he is male.
rocketleague12 plays
rocketleague12 plays 15 dakika önce
can you turn super shadow blue
cheung chui hin
cheung chui hin 18 dakika önce
also that tank that Hank Pym carrys around is a Soviet T-34. How the hell did he manage to get that?
mohammed irfan raed sampang
if quiksilver was alive they could compete with flash
Ryan James
Ryan James 19 dakika önce
Super easy; barely an inconvenience.
Daniel Garrido
Daniel Garrido 20 dakika önce
Uncle Aaron has all that gear. But for SOME REASON, he didn't think to make that suit bulletproof? For Christ's sake he has HYDRAULIC CLAWS ON HIS SUIT
Cloud 21 dakika önce
It is really nice Screenrant heping small youtubers like Film Theory
Jonathan Louw
Jonathan Louw 22 dakika önce
My mans tryna pull a fast one with the torch
Aaron Blade
Aaron Blade 23 dakika önce
Will Thor meet the eternals? I am not sure if they ever meet in the comics
MaRc _CaCaL77
MaRc _CaCaL77 24 dakika önce
How much y’all bet the cowboy is coming back on fast 9 lol
MaRc _CaCaL77
MaRc _CaCaL77 25 dakika önce
I mean they did the same for letty but she survived the explosion that flew her so far she got amnesia but she was alive lol
Dondon Gordon
Dondon Gordon 25 dakika önce
I don't want to see Frozen and I don't never want to see it
Daniel McCabe
Daniel McCabe 26 dakika önce
Would have loved to see Black Bolt and the Inhumans covered, Vin Diesel has been pushing for the role for a long time
Julian Ponce
Julian Ponce 27 dakika önce
Mars is bright tonight.
Dank Bud Toker
Dank Bud Toker 27 dakika önce
Do Fight Club!!! Plz
Floppy Disk
Floppy Disk 28 dakika önce
Then you know what else is coming.. another batman origin story
Tombro80 29 dakika önce
He wouldn’t even beat Smallville superman
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson 31 dakika önce
Abe The Spiderman Gaming Flores
1:42 “Titanic 2” Isn’t a ripoff. Its a what if on the Titanic (the movie version)
jbart321 33 dakika önce
I think we could surprise at least a dozen people with this twist.
Dondon Gordon
Dondon Gordon 36 dakika önce
Kung fu rabbit might be a rip-off but it's a good movie you should watch it just because it's a rip-off doesn't mean it's a bad movie
Foday Sesat
Foday Sesat 36 dakika önce
Home alone
sean ph
sean ph 37 dakika önce
Plot twist: the simpsons was actually made by a person who came from the future to tell us what will gonna happen to the future where he also came from
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g 39 dakika önce
I'm so glad I stopped watching SpongeBob after its glory days before the show went downhill after 2008. Today SpongeBob is hot garbage. RIP Stephen Hillenburg. The problem with today's Nickelodeon is that they have jam packed their network with awful sitcoms and cartoons. The kids of today will never get to experience the prime days of Nick (Old SpongeBob, Old Fairly Odd Parents, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, iCarly, Victorious)
Henry Davis
Henry Davis 41 dakika önce
What about hulk and Hawkeye
Summer Raemer
Summer Raemer 41 dakika önce
Um the answer for the emogis is home alone
Cody S
Cody S 42 dakika önce
It would be awesome to see the blue Marvel on the movie Scream or TV show
hulo_son 45 dakika önce
Hawkeye and hulk watching this:😢
LJ LØGAN 45 dakika önce
I love this girl realy
jhonny romaña
jhonny romaña 48 dakika önce
Tal vez pero es mas tonto que super man
Mbathason 49 dakika önce
The last remaining Swede brother reminds me of Stuart Bloom and it's weird! My apologies if you are now unable to un-see it.
The X squad
The X squad 49 dakika önce
Love all of it
Eric Calm
Eric Calm 50 dakika önce
I got to watch this movie.
Jeremy Whitehead
Jeremy Whitehead 51 dakika önce
Honestly a pitch meeting for inspector gadget would probably be pretty amusing
dolly sxnshine
dolly sxnshine 51 dakika önce
Is this weird or am i the only one want Harry Potter and Hermionr Granger to be together in this movie?
CatMom Of2
CatMom Of2 52 dakika önce
Anything less than Asgardians of the Galaxy and I’ll be disappointed. Let’s get Waititi and Gunn together!
Joshua Spiers
Joshua Spiers 53 dakika önce
Plot armor 😂😂😂
Mbathason 56 dakika önce
*Patrick and Claire
hiiamragu 56 dakika önce
Thor:of course of course of course.
The Pik Pals
The Pik Pals 58 dakika önce
When they talked about helicopter arts I died laughing.
Rorydory Saatler önce
Y’all know how thanos is ‘cursed with knowledge’? If so, why did he call spider-man an insect in infinity war when spiders are arachnids? 👁👄👁
Chance Welsh
Chance Welsh Saatler önce
Also in homecoming, when ant man gets big peter definitely was not talking into his phone. It's fun but yeah
Tharusha Fernando
Tharusha Fernando Saatler önce
3:20 seriously....Capt. Marvel is the most powerful....get your points correctly....
nichbuns 37
nichbuns 37 Saatler önce
The Chosen one was supposed to destroy the sith, which Anakin did. The Chosen one was not supposed to destroy the dark side since doing that would not balance the force. Even if Palpatine survived, he did not have an apprentice (Breaking the rule of 2) meaning he was not longer a “sith” (Kylo was not a Sith just a dark side user). Therefore yes the Chosen One was real, and it was in fact Anakin, not Rey or Luke.
Sprite crambery .
Sprite crambery . Saatler önce
7:39 idiots that is established in the movie we don’t need you to tell us, the scene is in the movie you are just trying to make the video longer
Jay Williams
Jay Williams Saatler önce
Did you transform into an Aussie at the end?
Maximus Black
Maximus Black Saatler önce
dude half of these are just stereotypes. there's stereotypes everywhere in cartoons. that's the point. it's exaggerated for a reason.
Dominique Norman
Dominique Norman Saatler önce
the fact we learn HBO told them they can have more episode and another season tell you they want to rush this whole season game of thrones could went down the best show ever in TV history but they ruin it by rush it and nobody like this season and they said they rush this season cause they want work on star war but after this season was over they was let go but probably fired after what Disney saw
Hudson LaBresh
Hudson LaBresh Saatler önce
Alternative title: fan theories that jk Rowling decided she liked instead of the actual book so she confirmed it on Twitter in order to attempt to make people happy
Brandon Arline
Brandon Arline Saatler önce
Ryan goerge
Nijel J-D
Nijel J-D Saatler önce
it's hulk and thor
M B Saatler önce
Pause the video whenever there's a tinder profile
Blue Dogs Gaming!!
Blue Dogs Gaming!! Saatler önce
actually its gonna be super easy bearly a incovinience
Doodle Saatler önce
I just notices their are a lot of Chris's in the Mcu
Adshay 45
Adshay 45 Saatler önce
The only question is will Thor be slim again??? & will Thor be unworthy???
Amadeus Saatler önce
Now the only problem is how to make chris hemsworth live for 5000 years
BayliRocks Saatler önce
screen rant: 10 Times Disney Ruined True Stories also screen rant: *shows videos clips of ratatouille*
Adam Placencia
Adam Placencia Saatler önce
Huh, they didn't even mention Catwoman...
Mangoiex Madi and Ivy!
Brandon Arline
Brandon Arline Saatler önce
Ryan george
blittster Saatler önce
"Oh, inexplicable accents are toight!"
Bribaby4subzero Saatler önce
but its not a kid show
Shaun Official
Shaun Official Saatler önce
I would like to see chris Hemsworth And tom holland work together again At avengers 5 I mean if thor lost A Tom H A new Tom H came to him