julien solomita
julien solomita
julien solomita
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i make videos that range from dog birthday celebrations all the way to recklessly cooking in my kitchen. also sometimes featured are my girlfriend jenna as well as our pack of crying doggos; kermit, peach, marbles and bunny
i made tamales
3 aylar önce
next stop pies!
6 aylar önce
kermit's 9th birthday
11 aylar önce
peach's 5th birthday
11 aylar önce
stress day
Yıl önce
an excited boy
Yıl önce
i got a new car
Yıl önce
family dinner
Yıl önce
dog massage
Yıl önce
the second part
Yıl önce
too thicc
Yıl önce
Fräulein Zuckerguss
Fräulein Zuckerguss 22 saatler önce
When I heard Mean Ass Drunk I screamed
olicor gamer
olicor gamer 22 saatler önce
You pro
Fräulein Zuckerguss
Fräulein Zuckerguss 22 saatler önce
Yeah, I'll order the Aries Fries and Uhm... the Kermit-Cola to go, thanks
Tawhid Akbar
Tawhid Akbar 22 saatler önce
Watching the two react so happily to eating the food together literally made me smile. No matter how crazy this world gets, remember, there are moments of joy we can hold onto to keep moving forward, and this is honestly one of those moments for me. 😇😌
Jaime J
Jaime J 22 saatler önce
My first time watching and you guys are hilarious and adorable :)
Jayme Burns
Jayme Burns 22 saatler önce
Jenna you got a keeper, how freakin precious is this!!! You guys are just so cute 💕
max presley
max presley 22 saatler önce
Why i this in my recommended all the time?
Young Master Trash
Young Master Trash 22 saatler önce
My favorite food is A RAMEN-
marley Bennefeld
marley Bennefeld 23 saatler önce
Some fucking creeps
George Cusdin
George Cusdin 23 saatler önce
The dislikers are heartless creatures
Maria Anna
Maria Anna 23 saatler önce
Does anyone know what happened to to doggos? Did they get adopted together?
Petra Vranjić
Petra Vranjić Gün önce
hearing watsky in a julien video gave me a HEART ATTACK
Autumn Fulton-Runyon
The love these two have for each other will forever teach me that LOVE DOES EXSIST
•N i g h t s t a r S t u d i o s•
They be looking drunk in thumbnail
Seamus Bacon
Seamus Bacon Gün önce
Get you a man that does cute stuff like this for you
randomhuman1999 Gün önce
Craving fire noodles right now. 😢
Oakley-Nova Gün önce
I bet if you mixed salt and beer together you'd get kermit
Melo Kebeni
Melo Kebeni Gün önce
She's very energetic, she's like a bigger version of my jack-russell. Maybe she's in the process of being trained.
kyla fran
kyla fran Gün önce
I can’t be the only one that thought the outro music was kermit crying
YOONCWITA ' Gün önce
666 dislikes...julien what did u do to satan?
A O Gün önce
Who in the world is this ? And why MY feed??🙄
{ The Dead Teabag }
Kermit is such a sweetheart I know he may be a nasty boy and at sometimes annoying but you have to understand something He’s been injured more then all of the dogs (as far as I know of course) and yet he still knows how to have fun The fact he still trusts everyone in his household just warms my heart It really shows how great of an owner Jenna is :V
Aye Licia
Aye Licia Gün önce
Your mustache looks racist. #annfrank
Pixiee Oho
Pixiee Oho Gün önce
This is so pure
c e r m e t
c e r m e t Gün önce
Why was this video so relaxing 😌
Josh Labing-isa
Josh Labing-isa Gün önce
why does julien look like the guy from Hangover
Double_cheequed_ up
When a dog has a better birthday than you:👁️👄👁️
itsjuliababe22 Gün önce
peach really tried to grab the potato with her paws tho LMAO
Alison Gün önce
oh, i so want julians takeaway...i'd hop on a plane from england for that!
Shreksnot Gün önce
Jenna and Julien hug *peach drops toy off the couch*
Random Person
Random Person Gün önce
I just found a fly under me, it was the fly that ran into a wall after me literally placing my hand on top of it and not reacting.
Daniel Wang
Daniel Wang Gün önce
Chef puts his hot meat and special sauce inside his customer’s oily buns
Bet Sha
Bet Sha Gün önce
Idk why but when Julien said he’s been talking to Will it made me so happy 🥰
Mika Nah fam
Mika Nah fam Gün önce
Ah yes. The fake birthday
c0dex Gün önce
The most enjoyable vlog I’ve ever watched.
Katelyn Shafer
Katelyn Shafer Gün önce
he said when ur 11 or 12 and ur parents wont make you a snack me: that one moment when ur parents forget ur age
Maddie Pohl
Maddie Pohl Gün önce
i’m having a shitty night and a bloomin’ onion did in fact improve the situation
Tiffany Marie
Tiffany Marie Gün önce
Ik this is an older video but this made me cry bc ik how hard it is to lose a hamster 🥺🥺🥺
Caroline Murray
Caroline Murray Gün önce
smol bork medium bork
Tichina Smiley
Tichina Smiley Gün önce
The cinematography is out of this world 🌎 👽
Not Human
Not Human Gün önce
Their Flippin string tails go *WILD* !!!!!
Scarlette Lee
Scarlette Lee Gün önce
Kermit got a whole ass fry lmao
Sydney .H
Sydney .H Gün önce
Thumbnail Cermet : ZOoM
daniellespinosa Gün önce
It's so weird for me to watch him be so scared of going out of the house and him taking care not to touch anything and to sanitize stuff because I work in a grocery store and people are in my face all day and I have to touch people's dirty shit that they leave in the carts all day and so I don't have anywhere near the amount of care he does anymore because I just can't protect myself really so I've just stopped being anxious about it...
Craftealady 06
Craftealady 06 Gün önce
Kermit reminds me of the squirrel in ice age
Heeby GB
Heeby GB Gün önce
Be careful if Peach puts in an application, I heard she stole food from another establishment.
Vadi Fadoms
Vadi Fadoms Gün önce
That little smile Marble gives when Julien says 'BIRTHDAY???" is the cutest. thing I've ever seen.
Steve & Melissa McAdams
Nobody: Yes: Börk
emc300 Gün önce
the vibes in this comment section are immaculate
carlykaxt Gün önce
Hali Soulier
Hali Soulier Gün önce
julien, please make a cook book called "the aries cook book". i will buy it
Marki Suna
Marki Suna Gün önce
the little tongue flick! ❤️❤️ oh marble
KrystalKat LuvsCreepyPasta
Your mom made you snacks when you were 11-12? 0-o
Sally Oseguera
Sally Oseguera Gün önce
2 very enthusiastic thumbs up👍🏼👍🏼
Skylee Jewel
Skylee Jewel Gün önce
Omg, when Jenna gets a kid. Imagine if the things that happen to Kermit and the other Cermets happens to their like, human child... Sheesh... But also, those Dad instinct tho- Julien gonna be a bomb dad.
Alyssa Santiago
Alyssa Santiago Gün önce
they're so cute ill cry
Alyssa R
Alyssa R Gün önce
17:56 how marbles sticks his tongue out and puts it back 😂😂😂😂😍
Middlechill2 Gün önce
Why did they move da comments?!
Mimi BFly
Mimi BFly Gün önce
Will you please come up with a vegan version of ceviche? That sounds sooo good
Alyssa R
Alyssa R Gün önce
Loving jennas hair! 😂 poofy 😍
Yanira Hernandez
Yanira Hernandez Gün önce
the way they call each other bitch 🥰🥰🥰
Dylon Bedore
Dylon Bedore Gün önce
I want a horse...
sir cogent
sir cogent Gün önce
racist why you put black man face when you said you all, matter group is coming for you
Cbm02 Gün önce
The ordering part was so cute. I would die for them both 😩
lord kanti
lord kanti Gün önce
This was cute and a nice change of pace for my feed
Tea Rex
Tea Rex Gün önce
At 3:40 I love that Melanie reference! Yes julien!
Chris Vasquez
Chris Vasquez Gün önce
0:20 the voice crack of the century!
A Soft Pillow
A Soft Pillow Gün önce
He could have poisoned the food for all we know lmao
SinTanity Gün önce
truly the only good thing to come outta 2020 so far lmao Also, Julien: I highly recommend some dutch Hutspot! It's basically mashed potatoes with carrots and onions mixed in. Or kale mashed potatoes. It's mashes potatoes with kale and hard boiled egg. Or endive mashed potatoes. The dutch eat a lot of mashed potatoes.
Valeria Talavera
Valeria Talavera Gün önce
the most beautiful couple ever 🥺
myyoga8spa Gün önce
It was a funny video , but then I was aaaaahhh 🤤🤤🤤🤤 then she came and it was funny again Great video Love you guys
Ashley Rayva
Ashley Rayva Gün önce
the editing on this is just phenomenal
Kitayuki Gün önce
Jenna: It's a bit expensive... The sign: $0
tic tac the artist
I really needed to hear that first min
John Turner
John Turner Gün önce
👁 👁 👄
worship worm king
It looks like he coated everything in peanut butter
Paused real quick to say ... "idk why you would watch this" I don't either yet I am SO into it and now im also cleaning and stuff 😂 quarantine has us like
Skylee Jewel
Skylee Jewel Gün önce
He is beauty... He is grace... He has swelling, on his face... He is beauty... He is grace... He is NaStY bOi no matter the place...
Adena Gün önce
so when will my boyfriend make me a fast food restaurant? is he broken? should i try rebooting???
Russell Lewis
Russell Lewis Gün önce
Slice it thin to keep the meat intact, What meat? Your a massive bellend lol
Melody Moo moo
Melody Moo moo Gün önce
Cermet: Is birth! Finally is my birth
Melody Moo moo
Melody Moo moo Gün önce
I love you’re hair beech
Melody Moo moo
Melody Moo moo Gün önce
Jenna sounded drunk 😹
Melody Moo moo
Melody Moo moo Gün önce
Peash is a female Cermet
Ky Fitch
Ky Fitch Gün önce
Jennifer Pena
Jennifer Pena Gün önce
Dear Julien, Because of this most magnificent video that was put out by you my family’s lives have been forever changed. You are a man so full of wisdom and compassion. You are such a giver and there are no words that can thank you for the impact you have made both on my life and my family’s. We will never go back to our old ways. Thank you for inspiring us with the magic of mustard on a beef patty when making burgers. Wow. Truly speechless. My family thanks you for making one of our favorite plates even better.
Laura Dinsdale
Laura Dinsdale Gün önce
Who disliked!?
Shilo Alexis
Shilo Alexis Gün önce
Does anyone remember Oreo cakesters? That’s what these are
Hailee Crawford
Hailee Crawford Gün önce
anyone else wondering the brand of the dope asf cling wrap he put on the wonton filling bowl before he put it in the fridge ??? I WANT TO KNOW, GOOD CLING WRAP MAKE LIFE EASIER
Mrs.butterfly Sophia Lol
Poor Kermit 😭😢🤧 :(
mmb Gün önce
i wasn't ready for Marbles to pop up as the manager! that was the cutest thing ever
Amanda Cook
Amanda Cook Gün önce
Dink dink!!! Much love, greatjobman!
Natálie Wolfová
every Kermit video "it’s ALWAYS Kermit“ T.T
Lauren Peng
Lauren Peng Gün önce
Thank you for linking the recipe! I really appreciated it -_-
Lil Miss Everything
Me and my great grandma are the only living Aries in my family
Jordan Aken
Jordan Aken Gün önce
Your content is shifting again and it’s so creative and entertaining and perfect, keep going with the flow because it just keeps getting better 🖤
Blinding Smilez
Blinding Smilez Gün önce
This is defently the content I need rn
Jessica Sofen
Jessica Sofen Gün önce
what kind of sushi paper is that? soy paper? it doesn't look like nori
Hannah Hambly
Hannah Hambly Gün önce
Julien officially needs to start an Aries drive in food truck
Kayla Kennedy
Kayla Kennedy Gün önce
julien rubbing the coffee all over himself gives me peanut butter baby vibes